Session 2008-09

Motions proposed during session: 2,444
Total signatures during session: 106,888
MPs who signed at least one motion: 520

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Best Supported Motions

1Parliamentary Ombudsman And Equitable Life PolicyholdersVincent Cable353
2Solar EnergyColin Challen289
3Local Spending Reports And The Sustainable Communities Act 2007David Drew286
4Thalidomide And Financial Assistance (No. 2)Martin Caton281
5Food Labelling And The Welfare Of ChickensMike Hancock278
6Scientific Procedures On Animals And The Use Of Non-Animal AlternativesMartin Horwood270
7Deforestation, Climate Change And LivestockAndrew George263
8Mobile Termination Rates (No. 2)Nigel Evans263
9UK Relations With CubaIan Taylor251
10British Military Assistance To ColombiaTony Lloyd250

Most Prolific MPs

1Mike Hancock1,769
2Ann Cryer1,764
3Alan Simpson1,589
4Rudi Vis1,531
5John McDonnell1,515
6Brian Jenkins1,502
7David Drew1,462
8John Leech1,452
9Lynne Jones1,450
10Bill Etherington1,426

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