Session 2016-17

Motions proposed during session: 1,210
Total signatures during session: 30,904
MPs who signed at least one motion: 410

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Best Supported Motions

1Visit To Parliament By President TrumpStephen Doughty206
2Social SecurityTimothy Farron187
3Children's Funeral CostsCarolyn Harris169
4Statutory Maximum Working TemperatureIan Mearns158
5Organised Dog FightingKelvin Hopkins151
6Public Service PensionsJeremy Corbyn130
7Nuclear Workers' PensionsAlbert Owen127
8Parliamentary Scrutiny Of Trade DealsPatrick Grady117
9Civil Service Compensation SchemeChris Stephens113
10Action To Tackle The Ivory TradeJohn Mann108

Most Prolific MPs

1Chris Stephens866
2Jim Shannon837
3Alan Brown687
4Chris Law652
5Drew Hendry634
6Martyn Day619
7Angus MacNeil612
8Natalie McGarry607
9Owen Thompson602
10Alan Meale570

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