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A total of 127 mps proposed 19 motions and submitted a total of 413 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM565 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No. 231) proposed by Paddy Ashdown
EDM566 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No.263) proposed by Paddy Ashdown
EDM567 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No. 264) proposed by Paddy Ashdown
EDM568 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No.266) proposed by Paddy Ashdown
EDM569 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No. 265) proposed by Paddy Ashdown
EDM570 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No. 267) proposed by Paddy Ashdown
EDM571 Educational Funding proposed by Patrick Thompson
EDM564A1 Sale Of Westminster Cemeteries;amdt. Line 8: proposed by Robert N Wareing
EDM572 Employment Of Disabled People proposed by Emma Nicholson
EDM563A1 Transferable Tax Allowances;amdt. Line 4: proposed by Graham Allen
EDM573 Education In Bradford (No. 2) proposed by Max Madden
EDM574 Education In Bradford (No. 3) proposed by Max Madden
EDM575 Assault On The Father Of The House proposed by Ann Widdecombe
EDM576 Community Charges (S.i., 1990, No. 162) proposed by Neil Kinnock
EDM577 Animals (S.i., 1990, No. 222) proposed by Neil Kinnock
EDM578 Eastbourne-Lewes-london Rail Service proposed by Ronnie Fearn
EDM579 South Glamorgan And Gwent Ambulance Services proposed by Alun Michael
EDM580 Waste Material (Wath On Dearne) proposed by Peter Hardy
EDM581 South Glamorgan Ambulance Dispute proposed by Rhodri Morgan

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM571 Educational Funding (36 signatures)
  2. EDM579 South Glamorgan And Gwent Ambulance Services (27 signatures)
  3. EDM530 Abuses Within The Motor Trade (15 signatures)
  4. EDM575 Assault On The Father Of The House (11 signatures)
  5. EDM560 Widowers Pensions For Teachers (10 signatures)
  6. EDM564 Sale Of Westminster Cemeteries (10 signatures)
  7. EDM565 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No. 231) (6 signatures)
  8. EDM566 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No.263) (6 signatures)
  9. EDM567 Electricity (S.i., 1990, No. 264) (6 signatures)
  10. EDM562 Food Irradiation and the Women's Institute and Consumers' Association Lobby (6 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Audrey Wise (95 signatures)
  2. Max Madden (56 signatures)
  3. Keith Bradley (11 signatures)
  4. Peter Hardy (10 signatures)
  5. Alan Beith (9 signatures)
  6. Bill Michie (9 signatures)
  7. Tom Cox (9 signatures)
  8. Robert N Wareing (8 signatures)
  9. James Wallace (7 signatures)
  10. John Battle (7 signatures)
  11. Win Griffiths (7 signatures)

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