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A total of 78 mps proposed 12 motions and submitted a total of 186 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM389A1 World Cup In Britain;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Brian Wilson
EDM430A14 Charges For Television Listings;amdt. Line 7: proposed by John Cummings
EDM489 Community Charges (S.i., 1991, No.230) proposed by Neil Kinnock
EDM490 Future Of Cardiff City A.f.c. proposed by Alun Michael
EDM491 Electricity Price Increases 1991/92 proposed by Terry Rooney
EDM492 50th Anniversary Of The Air Training Corps proposed by Bill Walker
EDM463A1 POVERTY, THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE PLANET'S FUTURE;Amdt. line 12: proposed by Dennis Skinner
EDM493 Onllwyn Washery, Dulais Valley, West Glamorgan proposed by Dafydd Elis Thomas
EDM478A1 The Future Of Welsh Housing;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Gwilym Jones
EDM494 Reaction To Murder proposed by Peter Bottomley
EDM495 Drink Driving (No.3) proposed by Peter Bottomley
EDM496 Grants For Derbyshire County Council Services proposed by Harry Barnes

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM491 Electricity Price Increases 1991/92 (15 signatures)
  2. EDM488 Automatic Cold Weather Payment Scheme (7 signatures)
  3. EDM489 Community Charges (S.i., 1991, No.230) (6 signatures)
  4. EDM486 British Motor Sport Industry (6 signatures)
  5. EDM490 Future Of Cardiff City A.f.c. (6 signatures)
  6. EDM479 Abolition Of Representative Health Councils (6 signatures)
  7. EDM222 Fair Taxation On Scotch Whisky (6 signatures)
  8. EDM313 Friendly Societies (5 signatures)
  9. EDM478 The Future Of Welsh Housing (5 signatures)
  10. EDM447 Award Of The Freedom Of The City Of Birmingham (4 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Norman A Godman (28 signatures)
  2. John Cummings (17 signatures)
  3. Brian Wilson (10 signatures)
  4. Alan Meale (9 signatures)
  5. John McAllion (6 signatures)
  6. William McKelvey (6 signatures)
  7. Peter L Pike (6 signatures)
  8. Ernie Ross (6 signatures)
  9. Dennis Skinner (5 signatures)
  10. Alun Michael (4 signatures)
  11. Harry Greenway (4 signatures)

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