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A total of 246 mps proposed 19 motions and submitted a total of 674 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM782 Football In Wales proposed by John P Smith
EDM780A1 CHILDREN'S SAFETY;Amdt. line 3: proposed by Peter Bottomley
EDM783 Defence Diversification Agency proposed by Maria Fyfe
EDM784 Future Of Liverpool Airport proposed by Peter Kilfoyle
EDM785 Labour Party And Manor House Hospital proposed by John Marshall
EDM786 M4 Closure proposed by Roy Hughes
EDM787 Conduct Of Honourable Members For Mid Kent And Medway proposed by Brian Sedgemore
EDM788 Medway Housing Society proposed by Dennis Skinner
EDM789 Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Copeland And Opposition Claims proposed by Edwina Currie
EDM790 Rockwell High School And Academic Success proposed by Ernie Ross
EDM791 South Africa (No. 2) proposed by Peter L Pike
EDM792 Leasehold Reform proposed by Ronnie Fearn
EDM793 Contribution To Conservative Party Funds proposed by Peter Hain
EDM794 Community Charges (S.i.,1992, No.219) proposed by Dave Nellist
EDM795 Biotechnology In The UK proposed by Nicholas Winterton
EDM796 Canadian Seal Cull proposed by Tony Banks
EDM798 The Hospice Movement (No.2) proposed by Anthony Durant
EDM801 Conduct Of The Right Honourable Member For Yeovil proposed by Peter Robinson

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM791 South Africa (No. 2) (132 signatures)
  2. EDM796 Canadian Seal Cull (91 signatures)
  3. EDM701 Warrington Czech Book Appeal (36 signatures)
  4. EDM790 Rockwell High School And Academic Success (24 signatures)
  5. EDM798 The Hospice Movement (No.2) (18 signatures)
  6. EDM786 M4 Closure (17 signatures)
  7. EDM785 Labour Party And Manor House Hospital (16 signatures)
  8. EDM777 Young Offenders Work Camps (12 signatures)
  9. EDM778 Electrical Safety And The Disabled (12 signatures)
  10. EDM768 Additional Rights For Pensioners (11 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Audrey Wise (74 signatures)
  2. Eric Martlew (53 signatures)
  3. Terry Lewis (17 signatures)
  4. Bill Michie (14 signatures)
  5. Jimmy Dunnachie (12 signatures)
  6. Ian McCartney (12 signatures)
  7. Michael Welsh (11 signatures)
  8. Norman A Godman (11 signatures)
  9. Lawrence Cunliffe (10 signatures)
  10. Eric Illsley (9 signatures)
  11. Andrew Faulds (9 signatures)

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