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A total of 108 mps proposed 14 motions and submitted a total of 469 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1729A1 Welsh Nationalist Party And Money-Laundering;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Dafydd Wigley
EDM1727A1 Eh101 Helicopters;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Frank Cook
EDM1728A1 75th Anniversary Of The Royal Air Force;amdt. Line 2: proposed by Bill Michie
EDM1597A1 Charity And Voluntary Work By The Unemployed;amdt. Line 11: proposed by Dennis Skinner
EDM1732A1 Access To Polling Stations For The May Local Elections;amdt. Line 12: proposed by Harry Barnes
EDM1753 World Bank Funding Of The Narmada Dam proposed by John Denham
EDM1754 VAT On Gas And Electricity proposed by Alan Milburn
EDM1731A1 Welfare Of Animals In Traditional Circuses;amdt. Line 7: proposed by Peter Luff
EDM1133A6 Concessionary Television Licences For Abbeyfield Homes;amdt. Line 7: proposed by Peter Luff
EDM1755 Joides Planning Office And University Of Wales, College Of Cardiff proposed by Rhodri Morgan
EDM1756 Care In The Community proposed by Liz Lynne
EDM1758 Privatisation Of State Pensions Record Keeping proposed by Nicholas Brown
EDM1759 Conduct Of Scottish Labour Honourable Members proposed by Alex Salmond

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM1746 Funding Of Local Government (18 signatures)
  2. EDM1734 Import Of German Toxic Waste To Rechem, Pontypool (16 signatures)
  3. EDM1740 Oft Inquiry Into Business Equipment Contracts (16 signatures)
  4. EDM1732 Access To Polling Stations For The May Local Elections (16 signatures)
  5. EDM1747 South Africa And Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament (15 signatures)
  6. EDM1395 KING'S CROSS DISASTER (14 signatures)
  7. EDM1737 National Union Of Saharawi Women (14 signatures)
  8. EDM1731 Welfare Of Animals In Traditional Circuses (12 signatures)
  9. EDM1741 Brown And Root And Safety At Aldermaston (12 signatures)
  10. EDM1748 Conservative Meps And Test Ban Treaty (12 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Alan Simpson (30 signatures)
  2. Bill Etherington (21 signatures)
  3. Alan Meale (21 signatures)
  4. Eric Clarke (20 signatures)
  5. Bill Michie (20 signatures)
  6. Ken Livingstone (18 signatures)
  7. Colin Pickthall (14 signatures)
  8. John Cummings (14 signatures)
  9. Nick Harvey (14 signatures)
  10. John Garrett (14 signatures)
  11. Harry Barnes (14 signatures)

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