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A total of 197 mps proposed 24 motions and submitted a total of 856 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM2104A1 Swindon Town Football Club;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Keith Vaz
EDM2122 Food (S.i., 1993, No. 1359) proposed by John P Smith
EDM2123 Food (S.i.,1993, No. 1360) proposed by John P Smith
EDM2124 Private Security proposed by Martin Redmond
EDM2125 Retirement Of Mr Robert Mcclelland proposed by James Kilfedder
EDM2126 Cormorant Alpha Helicopter Crash proposed by Jeremy Bray
EDM2113A1 World No Tobacco Day;amdt. Line 9: proposed by Harry Barnes
EDM2105A1 Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Health;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Kevin Hughes
EDM2105A2 Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Health;amdt. Line 12: proposed by Kevin Hughes
EDM2112A1 Health Authority And Health Trust Management;amdt. Line 2: proposed by Ernie Ross
EDM2127 Burma proposed by John Garrett
EDM2128 Ladbrokes proposed by Alan Meale
EDM2129 Secretary Of State For Education And Health Education Co-Ordinators proposed by Mike Hall
EDM2131 Political Discrimination In Germany proposed by Bob Cryer
EDM2130 The Dalesman Magazine proposed by David Hinchliffe
EDM2132 Drugs And Drug-Related Crime proposed by Mike Hall
EDM2134 Affordable Water proposed by Helen Jackson
EDM2133 Closure Of Thorpe Marsh Power Station proposed by Kevin Hughes
EDM2135 Simarc Property Management Ltd proposed by Terry Lewis
EDM2136 World Conference On Human Rights proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM2137 Casement Park Accused proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM2138 Air Pollution In London proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM2139 Life Of Manuel Salazar proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM2140 Health, Safety And Fire Regulations At The Palace Of Westminster proposed by Joan Walley

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM2133 Closure Of Thorpe Marsh Power Station (132 signatures)
  2. EDM2134 Affordable Water (40 signatures)
  3. EDM2114 Toxic Shock Syndrome (No.5) (35 signatures)
  4. EDM2118 Conduct Of The President Of The Board Of Trade (No.2) (29 signatures)
  5. EDM2130 The Dalesman Magazine (26 signatures)
  6. EDM2112 Health Authority And Health Trust Management (21 signatures)
  7. EDM2113 World No Tobacco Day (21 signatures)
  8. EDM2115 Nottingham Health Authority - Unlawful Expenditure (21 signatures)
  9. EDM2138 Air Pollution In London (19 signatures)
  10. EDM2121 Conduct Of The Bcci Receivership (18 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Frank Cook (55 signatures)
  2. Harry Cohen (43 signatures)
  3. Ian McCartney (40 signatures)
  4. Janet Anderson (27 signatures)
  5. Jean Corston (23 signatures)
  6. Austin Mitchell (21 signatures)
  7. Bill Michie (17 signatures)
  8. Dennis Skinner (15 signatures)
  9. Ken Livingstone (14 signatures)
  10. Edward O'Hara (14 signatures)
  11. Michael Connarty (12 signatures)

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