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A total of 114 mps proposed 13 motions and submitted a total of 720 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM2044A1 Maastricht And Denmark;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Harry Barnes
EDM2053 Business Lease Reform And Fiona Burns-Brannan proposed by Nigel Griffiths
EDM2054 Heavier Lorries For Combined Road/rail Transport proposed by Nigel Jones
EDM2055 SUNDERLAND'S CITY STATUS proposed by Roland Boyes
EDM2034A2 Ticket Touts In London;amdt. Line 15: proposed by Stanley Orme
EDM2024A1 International Whaling Commission;amdt. Line 6: proposed by Eddie Loyden
EDM2052A1 Prescription Charges (No.2);amdt. Line 2: proposed by Liz Lynne
EDM2056 Amnesty International And The Former Yugoslavia proposed by Ieuan Wyn Jones
EDM2057 Gene Technology And The Threat To Humanity proposed by David Alton
EDM2058 Leader Of The Official Opposition And Support For Referenda proposed by Margaret Ewing
EDM2059 50 Years Commemoration Of The Battle Of The Atlantic And Western Approaches proposed by Robert Parry
EDM2060 Conservative-Labour Pacts proposed by Paul Tyler
EDM2048A1 Menwith Hill Station And Telephone Tapping;amdt. Line 13: proposed by Bob Cryer

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM2052 Prescription Charges (No.2) (32 signatures)
  2. EDM2047 Fire Service Pay Formula (29 signatures)
  3. EDM2036 Conduct Of The President Of The Board Of Trade (21 signatures)
  4. EDM2049 Frenchay Hospital Cuts (21 signatures)
  6. EDM2050 BBC Wales And Wales Labour Party (19 signatures)
  7. EDM2051 British Coal Mine Service Centres (19 signatures)
  8. EDM1748 Conservative Meps And Test Ban Treaty (18 signatures)
  9. EDM2046 Xanana Gusmao (18 signatures)
  10. EDM2038 MRS MAXWELL'S PENSION (16 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Roland Boyes (51 signatures)
  2. Dennis Turner (42 signatures)
  3. Mike Hall (38 signatures)
  4. Tom Cox (35 signatures)
  5. Terry Lewis (29 signatures)
  6. Janet Anderson (28 signatures)
  7. Joe Benton (26 signatures)
  8. Elliot Morley (22 signatures)
  9. Eric Illsley (22 signatures)
  10. Jeremy Corbyn (21 signatures)
  11. Colin Pickthall (20 signatures)

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