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A total of 95 mps proposed 11 motions and submitted a total of 429 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1053A2 Housing Associations;amdt. Line 3: proposed by David Winnick
EDM1164 Blackburn Rovers Fc proposed by Greg Pope
EDM1165 Future Management Of Scottish Ambulance Service proposed by James Wallace
EDM1166 Wildlife (S.i., 1994, No. 1151) proposed by Margaret Beckett
EDM1167 Wildlife (S.i., 1994, No. 1152) proposed by Margaret Beckett
EDM1161A1 South Africa;amdt. Line 4: proposed by Tim Rathbone
EDM1168 Cardiff-Wales Airport proposed by Ieuan Wyn Jones
EDM1169 Eurofighter 2000 International Debut proposed by Peter L Pike
EDM1170 Arsenal Victory proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM1171 Homeless People And Voting Rights proposed by Harry Barnes
EDM1152A1 Commonwealth War Graves Commission;amdt. Line 2: proposed by Patrick Thompson

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM1161 South Africa (25 signatures)
  2. EDM1152 Commonwealth War Graves Commission (21 signatures)
  3. EDM1154 May Day (16 signatures)
  4. EDM1159 Avon Ambulance Trust (15 signatures)
  5. EDM1155 Conduct Of The Liberal Democrats In Hackney (13 signatures)
  6. EDM1057 Obscene Publications Branch, New Scotland Yard (13 signatures)
  7. EDM1158 Conduct Of The Honourable Member For The Isle Of Wight (12 signatures)
  8. EDM1162 No Diet Day (10 signatures)
  9. EDM16 Fur Farming (9 signatures)
  10. EDM1142 Official Report (9 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Jim Dowd (43 signatures)
  2. Ian McCartney (39 signatures)
  3. Doug Hoyle (38 signatures)
  4. Martyn Jones (24 signatures)
  5. Anne Campbell (22 signatures)
  6. Eric Illsley (16 signatures)
  7. Hugh Bayley (12 signatures)
  8. Ken Eastham (12 signatures)
  9. John Evans (11 signatures)
  10. James Wallace (9 signatures)
  11. Bill Michie (8 signatures)

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