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A total of 148 mps proposed 23 motions and submitted a total of 591 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM34 Conduct Of The Attorney General And The Case Of Brendan Smyth proposed by Andrew Mackinlay
EDM35 Cites Appendix Ii Listing For Brazilian Mahogany proposed by Alan Meale
EDM36 Funding Of The Arts proposed by Alan Meale
EDM38 Nursery Education For Four Year Olds proposed by Alan Meale
EDM39 Government Aid To Hualon Corporation proposed by Nicholas Winterton
EDM40 Red Lion proposed by Brian H Donohoe
EDM41 Water Disconnections proposed by Helen Jackson
EDM14A1 Availability Of Herbal Remedies;amdt. Line 2: proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM42 Commemorative Coins proposed by David Chidgey
EDM43 Export Of Live Animals proposed by Harry Greenway
EDM44 Eu Council Of Ministers And Transport Of Livestock proposed by Paul Tyler
EDM28A1 Bombing In Birmingham, November 1974;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Jill Knight
EDM45 Reach proposed by Greville Janner
EDM46 Uruguay Round Of The Gatt proposed by Elliot Morley
EDM47 Broadcasting (S.i., 1994, No. 2540) proposed by Tony Blair
EDM48 Illegal Occupation Of Cyprus proposed by Alan Meale
EDM49 Social Security (S.i., 1994, No. 1807) proposed by Tony Blair
EDM50 Sports Grounds And Sporting Events (S.i., 1994, No. 2239) proposed by Tony Blair
EDM51 Immigration proposed by Tony Blair
EDM52 World Travel Market - Earls Court proposed by Alan Meale
EDM53 Youth Information Service proposed by Ieuan Wyn Jones
EDM54 Social Security (S.i., 1994, No. 1003) proposed by Tony Blair
EDM55 Activity Of Saudi Intelligence In London proposed by George Galloway

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM14 Availability Of Herbal Remedies (66 signatures)
  2. EDM48 Illegal Occupation Of Cyprus (37 signatures)
  3. EDM52 World Travel Market - Earls Court (35 signatures)
  4. EDM28 Bombing In Birmingham, November 1974 (26 signatures)
  5. EDM10 First Priority Of The Medical Profession (18 signatures)
  6. EDM27 Special Transitional Grant (18 signatures)
  7. EDM38 Nursery Education For Four Year Olds (17 signatures)
  8. EDM24 Children In Prostitution And Pornography (16 signatures)
  9. EDM20 Launch Of The Fairtrade Mark (16 signatures)
  10. EDM33 Coal Miners Chronic Bronchitis And Emphysema (16 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Alan Meale (26 signatures)
  2. Eric Clarke (25 signatures)
  3. John Cummings (23 signatures)
  4. Colin Pickthall (22 signatures)
  5. Jim Dowd (22 signatures)
  6. Harry Barnes (21 signatures)
  7. Lynne Jones (20 signatures)
  8. Bill Michie (18 signatures)
  9. Clive Soley (17 signatures)
  10. Norman A Godman (17 signatures)
  11. Jeremy Corbyn (16 signatures)

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