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A total of 235 mps proposed 12 motions and submitted a total of 795 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM135 Liberalisation Of Air Transport Services proposed by Alfred Morris
EDM136 Handgun Law proposed by Austin Mitchell
EDM137 Disabled People And Building Societies Converting To Banks proposed by Liz Lynne
EDM138 The Mentally Ill And The Benefits Fraud proposed by Lawrence Cunliffe
EDM139 Exhibition By Doros Partasides proposed by Ian Twinn
EDM140 1996 Nobel Peace Prize proposed by Ann Clwyd
EDM141 Deportation Of Wives Who Leave Violent Husbands proposed by Mildred Gordon
EDM142 The Red Lion proposed by John Cummings
EDM34A1 Refusal Of Nhs Trust To Admit Patients Over 75 Years Of Age;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Michael Shersby
EDM143 Section 11 Funding proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM144 50th Anniversary Of National Health Service Act 1946 proposed by Tessa Jowell
EDM145 National Exhibition Centre proposed by Roy Thomason

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM135 Liberalisation Of Air Transport Services (102 signatures)
  2. EDM144 50th Anniversary Of National Health Service Act 1946 (100 signatures)
  3. EDM140 1996 Nobel Peace Prize (49 signatures)
  4. EDM124 Two-Minute Silence 11.11.11. (43 signatures)
  5. EDM133 Dyslexia (32 signatures)
  6. EDM117 Firework Safety (Sales To Under 16s) (22 signatures)
  7. EDM118 Firework Safety (Imported Fireworks) (22 signatures)
  8. EDM129 Haemophillia And Hepatitis (20 signatures)
  9. EDM116 Firework Safety (Bangers) (19 signatures)
  10. EDM130 Campaign For Two-Minutes Silence On Remembrance Day (17 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Paul Flynn (62 signatures)
  2. Michael Connarty (29 signatures)
  3. Michael Clapham (27 signatures)
  4. Ian Davidson (26 signatures)
  5. Anne Campbell (22 signatures)
  6. Audrey Wise (18 signatures)
  7. Alan Meale (17 signatures)
  8. Tony Banks (17 signatures)
  9. Terry Lewis (15 signatures)
  10. Bill Michie (15 signatures)
  11. Eric Clarke (15 signatures)

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