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A total of 354 mps proposed 6 motions and submitted a total of 675 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM620 Sir Nicholas Lloyd And The Leader Of The Conservative Party proposed by John McWilliam
EDM621 Bills Relating To The Constitution proposed by Tom King
EDM593A1 Select Committee On Human And Other Genetic Engineering;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM622 British Bulldog And Other Breeds proposed by Harry Greenway
EDM623 Conduct Of Viscount Whitelaw proposed by Harry Cohen
EDM624 Local Government (S.i.,1997,no.175) proposed by Tony Blair

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM599 State Retirement Pensions Payable To People Resident Abroad (210 signatures)
  2. EDM621 Bills Relating To The Constitution (153 signatures)
  3. EDM620 Sir Nicholas Lloyd And The Leader Of The Conservative Party (20 signatures)
  4. EDM619 Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Welwyn And Hatfield (18 signatures)
  5. EDM602 Volunteers (14 signatures)
  6. EDM604 Right Honourable Member For Manchester, Wythenshawe (13 signatures)
  7. EDM612 Ban On Imports Of Asbestos And Asbestos Products (12 signatures)
  8. EDM614 60th Anniversary Of Tribune (11 signatures)
  9. EDM601 Herald Of Free Enterprise Disaster And Ferry Safety (10 signatures)
  10. EDM613 Future Of Gaelic (9 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Kevin McNamara (41 signatures)
  2. John Battle (25 signatures)
  3. Joan Lestor (20 signatures)
  4. Bill Etherington (19 signatures)
  5. Alice Mahon (16 signatures)
  6. Lynne Jones (14 signatures)
  7. Brian Jenkins (14 signatures)
  8. Jeff Ennis (11 signatures)
  9. Jim Callaghan (9 signatures)
  10. Ken Livingstone (8 signatures)
  11. Dr William McCrea (7 signatures)

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