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A total of 182 mps proposed 16 motions and submitted a total of 485 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM198 Slavery In Ghana proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM199 Future Energy Initiative proposed by Andrew Stunell
EDM200 Portland Young Offenders Institution proposed by Jackie Ballard
EDM201 Ebeneezer Elliot proposed by Denis MacShane
EDM176A1 CHILDREN'S RIGHTS COMMISSIONER;Amdt. line 7: proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM196A1 House Of Commons Shop;amdt. Line 4: proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM202 Regulation Of Natural Health Products proposed by Mark Todd
EDM203 "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE" BEER GLASSES proposed by Bridget Prentice
EDM204 Job Losses In BBC Wales proposed by Julie Morgan
EDM205 Debt Cancellation proposed by Julia Drown
EDM64A1 Engineering The Dome;amdt. Line 4: proposed by David Chaytor
EDM206 Restoration Of Democracy In Pakistan proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM207 Leyland Trucks proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM208 Cash Machine Charges proposed by David Crausby
EDM209 Stall And Tether-Produced Pigmeat proposed by Nick Palmer
EDM210 Herbal Remedies proposed by Nick Palmer

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM205 Debt Cancellation (71 signatures)
  2. EDM207 Leyland Trucks (29 signatures)
  3. EDM197 25th Anniversary Of Victim Support (19 signatures)
  4. EDM204 Job Losses In BBC Wales (18 signatures)
  5. EDM193 World Trade Organisation (15 signatures)
  6. EDM67 Violence Against Social Workers (14 signatures)
  7. EDM195 Regulation Of Arms Brokers (14 signatures)
  8. EDM192 International Criminal Court (13 signatures)
  9. EDM194 Millennium Arts Festival For Schools (11 signatures)
  10. EDM18 Independent Petrol Forecourt Operators (10 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Michael Clapham (37 signatures)
  2. Russell Brown (21 signatures)
  3. Roy Beggs (17 signatures)
  4. Paul Burstow (16 signatures)
  5. Vincent Cable (15 signatures)
  6. Tom Brake (14 signatures)
  7. Mark Todd (10 signatures)
  8. Lawrence Cunliffe (9 signatures)
  9. Paul Marsden (8 signatures)
  10. Michael Jabez Foster (8 signatures)
  11. Colin Breed (8 signatures)

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