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A total of 134 mps proposed 10 motions and submitted a total of 339 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM217 Utilities Bill proposed by David Chaytor
EDM218 Westminster Methodist Central Hall proposed by David Wilshire
EDM219 Jobseekers Allowance And Term-Time Only Workers proposed by Lawrence Cunliffe
EDM220 Union Recognition And The National Lottery Charity Board proposed by Donald Anderson
EDM221 Centenary Of Betts UK Limited Of Colchester proposed by Bob Russell
EDM201A1 Ebeneezer Elliot;amdt. Line 5: proposed by Peter Bradley
EDM222 Millennium proposed by Andrew Mackinlay
EDM223 Funding Of The BBC proposed by Maria Fyfe
EDM224 Act Of Settlement proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM225 British Forces Post Office proposed by Andrew Dismore

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM205 Debt Cancellation (27 signatures)
  2. EDM186 Prescribing Medicines To Children (27 signatures)
  3. EDM225 British Forces Post Office (17 signatures)
  4. EDM201A1 Ebeneezer Elliot;amdt. Line 5: (11 signatures)
  5. EDM191 Export Credit Guarantees On Arms Exports (9 signatures)
  6. EDM159 Penalties For Dangerous Driving (8 signatures)
  7. EDM223 Funding Of The BBC (6 signatures)
  8. EDM70 Introduction Of Testing For Human Papillomavirus (6 signatures)
  9. EDM217 Utilities Bill (5 signatures)
  10. EDM73 Pension Increase In April 2000 (5 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Rudi Vis (99 signatures)
  2. Ronnie Fearn (15 signatures)
  3. Martin Caton (11 signatures)
  4. Lawrence Cunliffe (9 signatures)
  5. Crispin Blunt (8 signatures)
  6. Jeremy Corbyn (7 signatures)
  7. Stephen Hesford (5 signatures)
  8. Alasdair Morgan (5 signatures)
  9. Andrew Love (5 signatures)
  10. Donald Anderson (4 signatures)
  11. Barry Jones (4 signatures)

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