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A total of 156 mps proposed 22 motions and submitted a total of 825 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM93 Participation In Local Government proposed by Andrew Mackinlay
EDM94 Preservation Of British Birds proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM96 Children And Break-Up Of Families proposed by Kerry Pollard
EDM95 Haemophilia Community And Recombinant Products Treatment proposed by Kerry Pollard
EDM97 Safe Travel To School proposed by Kerry Pollard
EDM98 Positively Public Campaign proposed by Helen Jones
EDM99 Amec Border Wind proposed by Denis Murphy
EDM100 England Cricket Success proposed by Bob Russell
EDM101 Payment Of Fees By Volunteers To The Criminal Records Bureau proposed by Bob Russell
EDM102 Urban White Paper And Local Authority Housing proposed by Joan Walley
EDM103 Autism Awareness proposed by Piara S Khabra
EDM104 Self-Regulation For The Society Of Chiropodists And Podiatrists And Other Health Professionals proposed by Barbara Follett
EDM105 Walk Against Ageism proposed by Richard Livsey
EDM106 Powergen And National Energy Action Fuel Poverty Handbook proposed by Linda Perham
EDM107 National Rail Enquiry Service (No. 2) proposed by Linda Gilroy
EDM108 Imprisoned Mps In Burma proposed by Ann Clwyd
EDM109 Future Of Community Health Councils proposed by Patrick Hall
EDM110 Comments By Honourable Members On Public Morality proposed by Hilton Dawson
EDM111 Recovery Of Housing Benefit From Landlords proposed by Steve Webb
EDM112 Animal Welfare At Livestock Markets proposed by Norman Baker
EDM113 Cost Of Morning After Pill proposed by Harry Cohen
EDM114 Regional Assemblies proposed by Andrew George

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM114 Regional Assemblies (30 signatures)
  2. EDM98 Positively Public Campaign (30 signatures)
  3. EDM107 National Rail Enquiry Service (No. 2) (24 signatures)
  4. EDM61 Working On Christmas Day (23 signatures)
  5. EDM87 Morning After Pill (20 signatures)
  6. EDM39 Fuel Duty And The Environment (19 signatures)
  7. EDM74 Driving Licences And Diabetes (18 signatures)
  8. EDM73 House Of Commons Library (16 signatures)
  9. EDM58 Osteoporosis (16 signatures)
  10. EDM29 Male Cancer Research Centre (16 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Paul Keetch (57 signatures)
  2. Elfyn Llwyd (51 signatures)
  3. David Chidgey (42 signatures)
  4. Tony Clarke (40 signatures)
  5. John McWilliam (38 signatures)
  6. Tom Cox (37 signatures)
  7. Harold Best (32 signatures)
  8. David Drew (28 signatures)
  9. Bill Michie (25 signatures)
  10. Brian Cotter (24 signatures)
  11. Harry Barnes (23 signatures)

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