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A total of 118 mps proposed 13 motions and submitted a total of 579 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM520 Liquid Petroleum Gas proposed by Bob Laxton
EDM521 Football Regulator proposed by Ted Rowlands
EDM522 Football Income From Television proposed by Ted Rowlands
EDM481A1 Safety In The Sea-Fishing Industry;amdt. Line 9: proposed by Norman A Godman
EDM523 Price Of Milk proposed by Hilton Dawson
EDM524 Electricity Companies And The Regulator proposed by Mohammad Sarwar
EDM525 National Spring Clean Campaign proposed by Nicholas Winterton
EDM526 WIDOWS' SERPS ENTITLEMENTS proposed by Steve Webb
EDM527 Rosemary Nelson proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM528 Bank Closures In Cornwall And Devon proposed by Colin Breed
EDM529 Index Of Local Deprivation proposed by Iain Coleman
EDM530 National Brain Injury Week And 21st Anniversary Of Headway proposed by Bob Russell
EDM531 Competition (S.i., 2000, No. 293) proposed by William Hague

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM510 Older Women And Breast Cancer (24 signatures)
  2. EDM511 Women And Lung Cancer (19 signatures)
  3. EDM529 Index Of Local Deprivation (17 signatures)
  4. EDM513 Asphasia (14 signatures)
  5. EDM517 Residential Village Communities (13 signatures)
  6. EDM509 National Campaign Spending Limits (12 signatures)
  7. EDM518 A3xx Super-Jumbo (11 signatures)
  8. EDM496 Human Rights In Tibet (10 signatures)
  9. EDM490 National Science Week (10 signatures)
  10. EDM516 Up-Rating Of The State Retirement Pension For British Expatriate Pensioners (10 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Nigel Jones (100 signatures)
  2. Jeff Ennis (37 signatures)
  3. DN Campbell-Savours (32 signatures)
  4. Norman A Godman (31 signatures)
  5. Bill Etherington (26 signatures)
  6. Ronnie Campbell (25 signatures)
  7. Martin Caton (16 signatures)
  8. Bill Michie (14 signatures)
  9. Jeremy Corbyn (12 signatures)
  10. Tony Colman (12 signatures)
  11. Jim Cousins (10 signatures)

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