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A total of 226 mps proposed 22 motions and submitted a total of 715 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1548 Garforth Jubilee Brass Band proposed by Colin Burgon
EDM1549 Political Fund Ballots proposed by John Mann
EDM1550 Historic Counties Of The United Kingdom proposed by Andrew Rosindell
EDM1551 Extending Right To Manage To Tenants Of Registered Social Landlords proposed by Louise Ellman
EDM1552 ITV Drama On Harold Shipman proposed by Kevan Jones
EDM1553 Scotland Act 1998 proposed by Peter Duncan
EDM1536A1 Advertising In The Anti-Euro Campaign;amdt. Line 6: proposed by Brian Sedgemore
EDM1537A1 Music In The House;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Peter Bottomley
EDM1537A2 Music In The House;amdt. Line 4: proposed by Peter Bottomley
EDM1554 Arrest Of Duck Feeders proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM1540A1 All - Wales Drugs Conference;amdt. Line 5: proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM1555 National Express Group proposed by Andrew Mackinlay
EDM1528A1 Free Personal Care;amdt. Line 2: proposed by Peter Duncan
EDM1556 Weapons Of Mass Destruction proposed by Lynne Jones
EDM1557 Government Minutes Relating To Network Rail proposed by Theresa May
EDM1558 Bombing In Afghanistan proposed by Alice Mahon
EDM1559 Government Support For Higher Level Skills Training In Information And Communications Technology proposed by Ross Cranston
EDM1560 The Future Of Portland Search And Rescue Helicopter proposed by Jim Knight
EDM1532A1 Rule Britannia And The Bbc;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Simon Thomas
EDM1532A2 Rule Britannia And The Bbc;amdt. Line 3: proposed by Simon Thomas
EDM1561 National Petition For Palestine proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM1562 Impact Of Deep-Sea Trawling proposed by Mark Lazarowicz

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM1557 Government Minutes Relating To Network Rail (42 signatures)
  2. EDM1531 Reduction Of Teachers Workload (36 signatures)
  3. EDM1514 Tanzanian Air Traffic Control System (26 signatures)
  4. EDM1545 Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (21 signatures)
  5. EDM1535 Funded Pensions (18 signatures)
  6. EDM1542 Mens Cancer Awareness (16 signatures)
  7. EDM1544 Terrence Higgins Trust (15 signatures)
  8. EDM1548 Garforth Jubilee Brass Band (12 signatures)
  9. EDM1464 Recognition Of Sikhs (12 signatures)
  10. EDM1543 Gulf War Illnesses (12 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Eric Pickles (44 signatures)
  2. Adrian Bailey (33 signatures)
  3. Angela Watkinson (29 signatures)
  4. Nigel Jones (28 signatures)
  5. John Pugh (18 signatures)
  6. Lady Hermon (17 signatures)
  7. Edward O'Hara (16 signatures)
  8. Lynne Jones (15 signatures)
  9. Mike Weir (15 signatures)
  10. Ronnie Campbell (12 signatures)
  11. Simon Thomas (12 signatures)

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