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A total of 338 mps proposed 93 motions and submitted a total of 1038 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM84 Farmgate Prices And Supermarkets proposed by John Hayes
EDM85 The Importance Of The Role Of Sport In Promoting Health, Education And Social Inclusion proposed by Tony Cunningham
EDM86 Regional Government Referendums Bill proposed by Tony Cunningham
EDM87 Agricultural Shows proposed by John Hayes
EDM88 Ragwort Poisoning proposed by John Hayes
EDM89 Future Of The UK Fishing Industry proposed by John Hayes
EDM90 Reforming The 20 Day Rule proposed by John Hayes
EDM91 Hunting With Dogs And The Gracious Speech proposed by Tony Banks
EDM92 Firework Controls proposed by Cheryl Gillan
EDM93 Finance Of Investment Of Infrastructure Through Public Borrowing proposed by Lynne Jones
EDM94 Free Nationwide Bus Travel For Pensioners proposed by Lynne Jones
EDM95 Debate Of Early Day Motions proposed by Lynne Jones
EDM1 Cystic Fibrosis And Prescription Charges proposed by Bob Russell
EDM2 Top Up Fees In Universities proposed by Paul Farrelly
EDM3 Hospices proposed by Liam Fox
EDM4 Asthma proposed by Liam Fox
EDM5 Photodynamic Therapy proposed by Liam Fox
EDM6 Crisis In Care For The Elderly proposed by Liam Fox
EDM7 Nhs Chiropody Services proposed by Liam Fox
EDM8 Mental Health Services Funding proposed by Liam Fox
EDM9 Herbal Medicines proposed by Liam Fox
EDM10 Child Abductions proposed by Liam Fox
EDM11 Hospital Chaplains And Spiritual Care Givers proposed by Liam Fox
EDM12 Mental Health Bill proposed by Liam Fox
EDM13 Respiratory Disease proposed by Liam Fox
EDM14 Mental Illness Drug Access proposed by Liam Fox
EDM15 Oste0porosis proposed by Liam Fox
EDM16 Digital Hearing Aids proposed by Liam Fox
EDM17 Return Of Parthenon Sculptures To Greece proposed by Andrew Dismore
EDM18 Religious Discrimination In Hungary proposed by Andrew Dismore
EDM19 Lpg Vehicles proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM20 Home Energy Conservation Bill And Domestic Energy Efficiency Targets proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM21 Biomass proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM22 Coastal Defences proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM24 Energy Efficiency In Domestic Appliances proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM25 Floods And Flood Defence proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM26 Home Energy Conservation Bill proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM27 Illegal Fly Tipping proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM28 Statutory Duty For Shoreline Clean-Ups proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM29 VAT On Diy Installations Of Energy-Saving Materials proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM30 Degradable Plastic Bags proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM31 Wwf 95+group 10th Anniversary proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM32 Gibraltar Referendum proposed by Andrew Rosindell
EDM33 Biofuels proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM34 Illegal Timber proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM35 Partnership To Achieve Energy Efficiency Targets proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM36 Fuel Poverty And Social Sector Tenants proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM37 Climate Change proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM39 Men Of The Calais Diversionary Force proposed by Patsy Calton
EDM40 Reform Of The Common Agricultural Policy proposed by David Lidington
EDM41 Indian And Bengali Restaurants proposed by Chris Grayling
EDM42 Restoration Of State Pension Earnings Link proposed by Alan Hurst
EDM43 Analogue Switch Off proposed by Derek Wyatt
EDM44 Traveller Law Reform proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM45 South African Asbestos Victims proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM46 Doorstep Recycling Schemes proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM47 Extension Of The New Technology Grant Scheme To Domestic Chp Systems And Domestic Heat Pumps proposed by Ian Gibson
EDM48 Campaign On The Environment proposed by Jonathan Sayeed
EDM49 The Audit Commission proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM50 Park Homes Reform And The Draft Housing Bill proposed by Hilton Dawson
EDM51 Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Bill proposed by Hilton Dawson
EDM52 Cetacean Bycatch And The Council Of Ministers proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM53 World Diabetes Day And The National Service Framework proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM54 Christian Holy Days And Commercial Activities proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM55 Combating Fraudulent Charity Collections proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM56 Primacy Of The House Of Commons proposed by David Clelland
EDM57 Organic Action Plan proposed by Joan Ruddock
EDM58 Security In Afghanistan proposed by Joan Ruddock
EDM59 Malaysia proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM60 Basc/acpo Airgun Safety Campaign proposed by James Gray
EDM61 Biomass (No.2) proposed by James Gray
EDM62 Village Halls proposed by James Gray
EDM63 Army Deaths proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM66 Impact Of Regulations On Village Halls And Community Centres proposed by Brian Cotter
EDM67 Un Resolution 1441 proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM69 Rights Of Workers At The Belfast Ifi/richardsons Plant proposed by Nigel Dodds
EDM70 Amber Alert Scheme To Counter Child Abductions proposed by Tim Loughton
EDM71 Reorganisation Of Plymouth University proposed by Richard Younger-Ross
EDM51A1 Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Bill;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Graham Brady
EDM72 Northern Ireland Fishing Industry proposed by Iris Robinson
EDM73 University Mergers And Staff In The Higher And Further Education Sector proposed by Rudi Vis
EDM74 Historic Counties Of The United Kingdom proposed by Andrew Rosindell
EDM75 Royal Hospital Haslar proposed by Peter Viggers
EDM76 National M.e. Centre proposed by Andrew Rosindell
EDM77 Ship Safety Design And Freak Waves proposed by Edward O'Hara
EDM78 Postponement Of Criminal Record Bureau Checks proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM79 Reduction Of VAT On Energy Saving Materials proposed by Joan Walley
EDM80 Animal Welfare In Transport proposed by John Hayes
EDM81 The Eu And Animal Welfare proposed by John Hayes
EDM82 Diversification In The Dairy Industry proposed by John Hayes
EDM83 Overheads And Red Tape In UK Farming proposed by John Hayes

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM91 Hunting With Dogs And The Gracious Speech (158 signatures)
  2. EDM94 Free Nationwide Bus Travel For Pensioners (123 signatures)
  3. EDM95 Debate Of Early Day Motions (81 signatures)
  4. EDM56 Primacy Of The House Of Commons (61 signatures)
  5. EDM57 Organic Action Plan (60 signatures)
  6. EDM2 Top Up Fees In Universities (48 signatures)
  7. EDM58 Security In Afghanistan (45 signatures)
  8. EDM93 Finance Of Investment Of Infrastructure Through Public Borrowing (33 signatures)
  9. EDM79 Reduction Of VAT On Energy Saving Materials (31 signatures)
  10. EDM67 Un Resolution 1441 (23 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. David Lidington (31 signatures)
  2. Simon Hughes (21 signatures)
  3. Jonathan Sayeed (19 signatures)
  4. David Maclean (17 signatures)
  5. John Baron (15 signatures)
  6. Cheryl Gillan (15 signatures)
  7. Tim Loughton (15 signatures)
  8. Simon Burns (14 signatures)
  9. Evan Harris (14 signatures)
  10. Liam Fox (14 signatures)
  11. James Gray (12 signatures)

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