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A total of 244 mps proposed 23 motions and submitted a total of 799 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM292 Park Home Reform And The Housing Bill proposed by Hilton Dawson
EDM293 Conflict In Darfur, Western Sudan proposed by Hilton Dawson
EDM294 Royal Mail Managers proposed by David Crausby
EDM295 Farm Tax proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM296 Bahrain And The Inter Parliamentary Union proposed by Ashok Kumar
EDM298 Holocaust Memorial Day proposed by John Lyons
EDM297 Tenancy Deposit Scheme proposed by Desmond Turner
EDM299 Parenting Time Presumption proposed by Dominic Grieve
EDM300 Biological And Toxin Weapons Convention And Iraq proposed by Austin Mitchell
EDM301 Qualification For War Pensions proposed by Jonathan Djanogly
EDM290A1 OPEN UNIVERSITY'S BEAGLE 2 PROJECT;Amdt. line 6: proposed by Ian Taylor
EDM302 Bahrain proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM303 Report Of The Joint Committee On The Draft Mental Incapacity Bill proposed by Joe Benton
EDM304 Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity proposed by John P Smith
EDM305 Draft Mental Incapacity Bill(2) proposed by David Amess
EDM306 Waiting Lists In Wales proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM307 Retirement Of Mr Ray Snipp proposed by Tom Clarke
EDM308 Re-Building Of Barts And The London Hospitals proposed by Brian Sedgemore
EDM309 Possible Removal Of Dalip Tahil Alias Dan Ferreira proposed by Keith Vaz
EDM310 Prevention Of Glass Injury In Pubs And Clubs proposed by Julie Morgan
EDM311 Lsc Learner Satisfaction Survey proposed by Dennis Turner
EDM312 One Hundred Years Of Flight In 2003 proposed by Mark Tami
EDM313 Care Homes And The Hon. Member For South Suffolk proposed by Kevin Brennan

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM297 Tenancy Deposit Scheme (41 signatures)
  2. EDM312 One Hundred Years Of Flight In 2003 (38 signatures)
  3. EDM290 OPEN UNIVERSITY'S BEAGLE 2 PROJECT (30 signatures)
  4. EDM266 Widening Access To Higher Education (27 signatures)
  5. EDM301 Qualification For War Pensions (26 signatures)
  6. EDM311 Lsc Learner Satisfaction Survey (19 signatures)
  7. EDM310 Prevention Of Glass Injury In Pubs And Clubs (18 signatures)
  9. EDM281 Illegal Ivory Trade (16 signatures)
  10. EDM294 Royal Mail Managers (16 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Paul Marsden (97 signatures)
  2. Patrick Mercer (37 signatures)
  3. Kevin McNamara (26 signatures)
  4. Mike Hancock (26 signatures)
  5. Roger Godsiff (23 signatures)
  6. Syd Rapson (16 signatures)
  7. Lynne Jones (16 signatures)
  8. Frank Cook (14 signatures)
  9. Bob Spink (13 signatures)
  10. Paul Keetch (11 signatures)
  11. Keith Bradley (11 signatures)

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