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A total of 393 mps proposed 141 motions and submitted a total of 2283 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM124 University Tuition Fees proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM125 Access To Higher Education proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM126 Prisoners On Remand proposed by Paul Stinchcombe
EDM127 70th Anniversary Of Soviet Induced Famine And Genocide In Ukraine proposed by John Wilkinson
EDM128 Visa Charges For Students proposed by Simon Hughes
EDM129 Housing For Young People proposed by Simon Hughes
EDM130 Pension Credit And Care Home Residents proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM131 Child Poverty proposed by Linda Perham
EDM132 Aids Orphans And Vulnerable Children proposed by Sally Keeble
EDM133 World Aids Day proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM134 ENGLAND'S RUGBY WORLD CUP VICTORY(2) proposed by Derek Wyatt
EDM135 Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill proposed by James Plaskitt
EDM136 Higher Education Bill proposed by Charles Kennedy
EDM137 Mental Capacity proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM139 England Rugby Union Team And Rugby Town proposed by Andy King
EDM140 Energy Efficiency Commitment And New Technologies proposed by Ian Gibson
EDM142 Shelter And Support For The Homeless At Christmas proposed by John Hayes
EDM143 Iraqi Deaths proposed by Harry Cohen
EDM144 Welfare Of Greyhounds proposed by Alan Meale
EDM2 Cystic Fibrosis And Prescription Charges proposed by Bob Russell
EDM3 Council Housing proposed by Austin Mitchell
EDM4 Impact Of VAT On The Voluntary Sector proposed by Bob Russell
EDM5 Health Warning Labels For Alcoholic Drinks proposed by Bob Russell
EDM6 50th Anniversary Of Samaritans proposed by Bob Russell
EDM7 Alternatives To Variable Top Up Fees proposed by Ian Gibson
EDM8 40th Anniversary Of The Assassination Of President John F Kennedy proposed by Simon Burns
EDM9 Shortage Of Care Homes proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM11 Hospices proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM12 Sexual Health proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM13 World Aids Day 2003 proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM14 Asthma proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM15 Cystic Fibrosis proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM16 Community Health Council Staff proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM17 Breast Cancer proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM18 Nhs Chiropody Services proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM19 Photodynamic Therapy proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM20 Acquired Brain Injury: Provision Of Rehabilitation proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM21 Breast Cancer Targets proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM22 International Nurse Recruitment proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM23 People Of Restricted Growth proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM24 Prostate Cancer Awareness proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM25 CHILDREN'S CANCER MONTH 2003 proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM26 Community Pharmacies proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM27 Ambulance Waits At Accident And Emergency Departments proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM28 Lymphoedema proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM29 Osteoporosis proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM30 General Practitioner Targets proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM31 Floods And Flood Defence proposed by Theresa May
EDM32 Halal And Shechita Slaughter proposed by Theresa May
EDM33 Sale Of British Apples In Supermarkets proposed by Theresa May
EDM34 Household Waste And Recycling proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM35 House Of Commons Writing Paper proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM36 Amazon Rainforests proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM37 Haskins Rural Delivery Review proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM38 Passports For Horses proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM39 Lpg Vehicles proposed by Damian Green
EDM40 Restrictions On Motorists proposed by Damian Green
EDM41 Ghost Ships proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM42 Disposal Of Fallen Stock proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM43 Vehicle Use On Ancient Right Of Way Loophole proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM44 Biomass proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM45 Climate Change proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM46 Eu And Animal Welfare proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM47 C/o British Farming Campaign proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM48 Illegal Timber proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM49 Degradable Plastic Bags proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM50 Speed Cameras proposed by Damian Green
EDM51 Western Morning News Campaign On Live Horse Exports proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM52 Istanbul Bombings proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM53 Proposed Constitution-Referendum proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM54 Security Situation In Iraq proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM55 Zimbabwe proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM56 Gibraltar 300th Anniversary proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM57 Encouraging A No-Proof No Sale Culture proposed by Howard Flight
EDM58 Post Office Card Account proposed by Howard Flight
EDM59 Hallmarking proposed by Howard Flight
EDM60 Employee Share Schemes proposed by Howard Flight
EDM61 Reform Of The Common Agricultural Policy proposed by Howard Flight
EDM62 Equitable Life proposed by Howard Flight
EDM63 Child Support Agency proposed by David Willetts
EDM64 Pensions proposed by David Willetts
EDM65 Pensions (No 2) proposed by David Willetts
EDM66 Pensions(no3) proposed by David Willetts
EDM67 Child Support Agency(no2) proposed by David Willetts
EDM68 Poverty Amongst Women Pensioners proposed by David Willetts
EDM69 Tax Credits proposed by David Willetts
EDM70 Internet Access proposed by Michael Fabricant
EDM71 Child Rescue Alert proposed by David Davis
EDM72 Prosecution In Child Deaths proposed by David Davis
EDM73 Amber Alert Scheme To Counter Child Abductions proposed by David Davis
EDM74 Impact Of Visa Charges On International Students proposed by David Davis
EDM75 London Olympic Bid proposed by David Davis
EDM76 Tourism proposed by David Davis
EDM77 Subtitling proposed by David Davis
EDM78 Deepcut And Beyond proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM79 Traveller Accommodation proposed by Kevin McNamara
EDM81 UK Strategy Framework For Women And Sport proposed by Theresa May
EDM82 Regional Assemblies proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM83 Cost Of Regional Government proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM84 Regional Assemblies (No.4) proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM85 Regional Assemblies (No.2) proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM86 Regional Assemblies (No.3) proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM88 Regional Assemblies (No.5) proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM89 Regional Assemblies (No.6) proposed by Bernard Jenkin
EDM90 Smokeless Tobacco proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM91 New Charter For Democracy proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM92 Cannabis Reclassification proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM93 Cryptographic Profiles proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM95 Regional Pay Disparity proposed by Adam Price
EDM96 Residential Energy Efficiency Aim Pursuant To The Sustainable Energy Act proposed by Brian White
EDM97 Small Businesses And The Environment proposed by Mike Weir
EDM98 Ez - Dvds proposed by Mike Weir
EDM99 Pesticides In Food proposed by Mike Weir
EDM100 National Memorial To The Evacuation Project proposed by Teddy Taylor
EDM101 European Union Constitution Energy Chapter proposed by Bob Blizzard
EDM102 Abolition Of The House Of Lords proposed by David Kidney
EDM103 Aviation Industry Tax Concessions proposed by David Kidney
EDM104 Slaughter Without Prestunning proposed by Colin Challen
EDM105 Welfare Benefits And Mental Health proposed by Sandra Gidley
EDM107 Genetically Modified Crops proposed by Joan Ruddock
EDM108 Winter Fuel Payment For Severely Disabled People proposed by Roger Berry
EDM110 Hornchurch Football Club proposed by John Cryer
EDM109 International Arms Trade Treaty proposed by Roger Berry
EDM111 Samar Alami And Jawad Botmeh proposed by John Austin
EDM112 Osteoporosis Action proposed by John Austin
EDM113 Visa Fees For Overseas Students proposed by Tony Colman
EDM114 Cabinet Office Guidance And Consultation On Asylum Reform Proposals proposed by Lynne Jones
EDM116 Civil Partnerships proposed by David Davis
EDM115 Asylum Seekers And Their Children proposed by David Davis
EDM117 Rising Crime proposed by David Davis
EDM118 Constitutional Change proposed by David Davis
EDM119 Welfare Of Animals proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM120 VAT On Commemorative Headstones proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM121 Standing Areas At Football Grounds proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM122 Fairtrade At UK Universities proposed by John Barrett
EDM123 Combatting Anti-Semitism proposed by Linda Perham

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM96 Residential Energy Efficiency Aim Pursuant To The Sustainable Energy Act (181 signatures)
  2. EDM7 Alternatives To Variable Top Up Fees (122 signatures)
  3. EDM112 Osteoporosis Action (107 signatures)
  4. EDM101 European Union Constitution Energy Chapter (93 signatures)
  6. EDM107 Genetically Modified Crops (72 signatures)
  7. EDM105 Welfare Benefits And Mental Health (61 signatures)
  8. EDM136 Higher Education Bill (37 signatures)
  9. EDM140 Energy Efficiency Commitment And New Technologies (34 signatures)
  10. EDM122 Fairtrade At UK Universities (28 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Chris Grayling (78 signatures)
  2. Peter Luff (73 signatures)
  3. Oliver Letwin (71 signatures)
  4. Julian Lewis (65 signatures)
  5. Michael Fabricant (63 signatures)
  6. Anne McIntosh (61 signatures)
  7. Alan Duncan (57 signatures)
  8. Peter Bottomley (52 signatures)
  9. Mark Hoban (51 signatures)
  10. Gregory Barker (50 signatures)
  11. John Taylor (50 signatures)

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