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A total of 200 mps proposed 21 motions and submitted a total of 782 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM996 Democracy In Burma proposed by Iain Luke
EDM988A1 ST GEORGE'S DAY;Amdt. line 6: proposed by Simon Thomas
EDM985A1 Mr Paul Foot, Private Eye And Private Finance Initiatives;amdt. Line 12: proposed by David Taylor
EDM997 Health And Safety At Work proposed by Austin Mitchell
EDM998 Withdrawal Of Facilities From Sinn Fein/ira proposed by Ian Paisley
EDM999 Stricter Sentences For Animal Cruelty proposed by Gregory Campbell
EDM1000 Mordechai Vanunu (No.2) proposed by John McDonnell
EDM1001 Tracey Morris And The Olympic Games proposed by Don Foster
EDM1002 Compensation To Victims Of Racism In Tulia, Texas proposed by Keith Vaz
EDM896A1 Tasmanian Deforestation;amdt. Line 1: proposed by Peter Kilfoyle
EDM1003 North West Fine Foods proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM1004 Affordable Housing proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM1005 Death Of Mr Ronnie Simpson proposed by Jim Sheridan
EDM1006 Christopher Alder proposed by Peter L Pike
EDM1007 Late Payment proposed by Brian Cotter
EDM1008 School Bus Provision proposed by Phil Willis
EDM1009 Smoking Ban In Wales proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM1010 National Memorial Slavery Day proposed by Louise Ellman
EDM1011 First Report Of The Independent Monitoring Commission proposed by David Lidington
EDM1012 Security Screens In The Commons proposed by Robert Marshall-Andrews
EDM1013 The Licensing Act proposed by Don Foster

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM983 National Memorial To The Women Of World War Two (37 signatures)
  2. EDM1012 Security Screens In The Commons (30 signatures)
  3. EDM973 Group B Streptococcus (24 signatures)
  4. EDM955 Carers Week (22 signatures)
  6. EDM974 New York Memorial Garden For British Victims Of 9/11 (20 signatures)
  7. EDM1005 Death Of Mr Ronnie Simpson (20 signatures)
  8. EDM947 Live Animal Transport (18 signatures)
  9. EDM979 Arthritis Care (16 signatures)
  10. EDM989 Live Transport Of Farm Animals (15 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Peter L Pike (35 signatures)
  2. Ann Cryer (31 signatures)
  3. Tom Brake (31 signatures)
  4. Huw Edwards (31 signatures)
  5. Alan Meale (24 signatures)
  6. Paul Keetch (22 signatures)
  7. Roy Beggs (21 signatures)
  8. Rudi Vis (18 signatures)
  9. David Taylor (17 signatures)
  10. Mark Lazarowicz (16 signatures)
  11. Jim Dobbin (15 signatures)

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