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A total of 180 mps proposed 16 motions and submitted a total of 462 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1420 Mis-Selling Of Landline Telephone Services proposed by Richard Allan
EDM1421 Supermarkets Closing Post Offices proposed by Parmjit Dhanda
EDM1422 Preventing Child Pornography On The Internet proposed by Derek Wyatt
EDM1423 Joseph Scholes proposed by Chris Ruane
EDM1424 Second Hand Tobacco Smoke In The Palace Of Westminster proposed by David Taylor
EDM1425 Going Hungry: The Struggle To Eat Healthily On A Low Income Report proposed by Martin Caton
EDM1426 Cholesterol UK proposed by Doug Naysmith
EDM1427 Justice For The Bereaved Families Of The Potters Bar Crash proposed by James Clappison
EDM1428 Duty To Promote Gender Equality proposed by Angela Eagle
EDM1429 Dormant Accounts Held By Banks And Building Societies proposed by Martyn Jones
EDM1430 Public Toilet Provision proposed by Alan Meale
EDM1431 Food Supplements And Medicinal Products proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM1432 Abuse Of Disabled Parking Spaces proposed by Harry Barnes
EDM1433 Repatriation Of Maori Artifacts proposed by David Marshall
EDM1434 Examination Of Classics proposed by Michael Fallon
EDM1435 Pet Collection Bins proposed by Ann Widdecombe

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM1428 Duty To Promote Gender Equality (56 signatures)
  2. EDM1423 Joseph Scholes (20 signatures)
  3. EDM1431 Food Supplements And Medicinal Products (20 signatures)
  4. EDM1403 Myeloma Awareness Week And Bank On A Cure (12 signatures)
  5. EDM1426 Cholesterol UK (11 signatures)
  6. EDM1401 Television Services For Blind And Partially Sighted People (9 signatures)
  7. EDM1402 Unsolicited Internet Charges (9 signatures)
  8. EDM1404 Cash Withdrawals At Automatic Teller Machines (9 signatures)
  9. EDM1398 Africans Unite Against Child Abuse Afruca (9 signatures)
  10. EDM1418 Gibraltar (8 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Kevin McNamara (34 signatures)
  2. Elfyn Llwyd (27 signatures)
  3. Mark Lazarowicz (20 signatures)
  4. Bob Spink (17 signatures)
  5. Vincent Cable (15 signatures)
  6. Mike Wood (12 signatures)
  7. Jeremy Corbyn (12 signatures)
  8. Ronnie Campbell (12 signatures)
  9. Tony Lloyd (11 signatures)
  10. Lynne Jones (11 signatures)
  11. David Kidney (10 signatures)

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