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A total of 245 mps proposed 148 motions and submitted a total of 617 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1 Cystic Fibrosis And Prescription Charges proposed by Bob Russell
EDM2 Gap Between Rich And Poor proposed by Bob Russell
EDM3 Gap Between High And Low Earners proposed by Bob Russell
EDM4 Impact Of VAT On The Voluntary Sector proposed by Bob Russell
EDM5 Gift Aid And Independent Museums proposed by Bob Russell
EDM6 Health Warning Labels For Alcoholic Drinks proposed by Bob Russell
EDM7 Slaughter Of Companion Animals For Food In China proposed by Bob Russell
EDM8 Re-Instatement Of The 3rd Battalion Of The Royal Anglian Regiment proposed by Bob Russell
EDM9 Make Poverty History In 2005 Campaign proposed by Julia Drown
EDM10 Sale Of Bananas In The Palace Of Westminster proposed by Linda Perham
EDM11 Access To Higher Education proposed by Angela Watkinson
EDM12 University Tuition Fees proposed by Angela Watkinson
EDM13 Shortage Of Foxes proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM14 Floods And Flood Defence proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM15 Uninsured Drivers proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM16 Protecting The Marine Environment proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM17 Combined Heat And Power proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM18 Regulations Implementing The Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM19 Hazardous Waste proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM20 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Powered Vehicles proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM21 Renewable Energy proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM22 Microgeneration proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM23 Fuel Poverty In Social Housing proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM24 F-Gases Regulation And HFCs proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM25 Climate Change And Development proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM26 Role Of British Companies In Formula One proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM27 Household Waste And Recycling proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM28 Biomass proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM29 Illegal Timber proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM30 London Underground Public Private Partnership proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM31 Liquefied Petroleum Gas And Cleaner Fuels And Vehicles proposed by Tim Yeo
EDM32 Canadian Seal Slaughter proposed by Paddy Tipping
EDM33 G8 And Eu Presidencies proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM34 Darfur proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM35 Debt Relief proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM36 Vulnerable Children Affected By Hiv/aids proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM37 Trade Justice Movement proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM38 Hiv/aids proposed by Alan Duncan
EDM39 Access To Short Breaks proposed by Crispin Blunt
EDM40 Financial Assistance Scheme proposed by Sandra Osborne
EDM41 Closure Of Post Offices proposed by Michael Fabricant
EDM42 Employee Share Schemes proposed by Richard Spring
EDM43 Abolition Of The Over Thirty Months Scheme proposed by James Paice
EDM44 Food Supplements And Medicinal Products proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM46 Mobile Phone Masts proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM45 Blue Badge Scheme Research proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM47 Right To Care Campaign proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM48 Quality Of Service To Disabled Rail Users proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM49 Eu And Animal Welfare proposed by James Paice
EDM50 Access To The Internet proposed by Michael Fabricant
EDM51 Access To Pensions proposed by Patsy Calton
EDM52 Leasehold Scams proposed by Patsy Calton
EDM53 Parental Supervision In Public Swimming Pools proposed by Hugh Robertson
EDM54 Contaminated Blood Products Public Inquiry proposed by Patsy Calton
EDM55 Licensing Fees For Sports Clubs proposed by Hugh Robertson
EDM56 Education In Southend proposed by Teddy Taylor
EDM57 Racism In Football proposed by Hugh Robertson
EDM58 Constitution Referendum And Gibraltar proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM59 Free And Fair Elections In Zimbabwe proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM60 C/o British Farming Campaign proposed by James Paice
EDM61 Price Of Milk proposed by James Paice
EDM62 UK Self-Sufficiency In Food proposed by James Paice
EDM64 Single Farm Payment proposed by James Paice
EDM63 Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg And Westminster City Council proposed by Karen Buck
EDM65 Foot And Mouth Disease proposed by James Paice
EDM66 Alan Turing proposed by Sue Doughty
EDM67 Train Horns proposed by Sue Doughty
EDM68 Education (S.i., 2003, No. 3247) proposed by Angela Watkinson
EDM70 Education (S.i., 2003, No. 3170) proposed by Angela Watkinson
EDM69 A30 Goss Moor Improvement proposed by Paul Tyler
EDM71 Inquest Verdict On Porton Down Victim proposed by Paul Tyler
EDM72 Eu Sugar Regime proposed by James Paice
EDM73 Illegal Meat Imports proposed by James Paice
EDM74 PENSIONERS' MANIFESTO proposed by Kate Hoey
EDM75 Bushmeat And Simian Foaming Virus proposed by James Paice
EDM76 Band Aid 20 proposed by Anne Moffat
EDM77 Food Labelling proposed by James Paice
EDM78 Electric Shock Training Collars For Dogs proposed by James Paice
EDM79 Security Situation In Iraq proposed by Michael Ancram
EDM80 Housing proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM81 Justice For Victims Of Gulf War Illnesses proposed by Paul Tyler
EDM82 Post Offices In Wales proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM83 Windfarms Off Porthcawl proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM84 Ofcom And Welsh Public Service Broadcasting proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM85 Welsh Language Coverage Of Sport proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM86 Llanishen And Lisvane Reservoirs proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM88 Welsh Regiments proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM87 Defence Aviation Repair Agency, St Athan proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM89 Pensioners Of The Maxwell Communications Pension Fund proposed by Tom Cox
EDM90 Digital Television In Wales proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM91 Royal Welch Fusiliers proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM92 60th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of The Channel Islands proposed by Tom Cox
EDM93 Availability Of Free Cash Machines proposed by Gregory Campbell
EDM94 Food Supply Code Of Practice proposed by Malcolm Bruce
EDM95 South East Trains Franchise proposed by Clive Efford
EDM96 Waiting Lists In Wales proposed by Bill Wiggin
EDM97 Patient Access To Medical Technology And Healthcare Resource Groups proposed by Ian Gibson
EDM98 Minefield De-Mining In Cyprus proposed by Tom Cox
EDM100 World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day 2004 proposed by Howard Stoate
EDM101 Agricultural And Industrial Fuel Price Rises proposed by Mike Weir
EDM102 Call Barring And Premium Rate Services proposed by Mike Weir
EDM103 Hydrogen-Powered Cars proposed by Mike Weir
EDM104 Job Losses In Jobcentre Plus proposed by Mike Weir
EDM105 Bovine Tb proposed by James Paice
EDM106 Hunting Ban And Government Assistance proposed by Rob Marris
EDM107 Lymphoedema proposed by Andrew Lansley
EDM108 Acquired Brain Injury And Provision Of Rehabilitation proposed by Andrew Lansley
EDM109 Nhs Chiropody Services proposed by Andrew Lansley
EDM111 Endometriosis proposed by Andrew Lansley
EDM112 Recruitment Of Nurses From Developing Countries proposed by Andrew Lansley
EDM113 Breast Cancer proposed by Andrew Lansley
EDM114 Gm Crops proposed by James Paice
EDM115 Action On Aids proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM116 Conscientious Objectors And Taxation proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM117 Political Fund Ballots And The Union Of Shop,distributive And Allied Workers (Usdaw) proposed by John Mann
EDM119 ST GEORGE'S DAY proposed by John Cryer
EDM120 Carers In The United Kingdom proposed by Paul Farrelly
EDM121 Political Fund Ballots And The Gmb proposed by John Mann
EDM123 Political Fund Ballots And The Communication Workers Union (Cwu) proposed by John Mann
EDM124 Political Fund Ballots And The Ceramic And Allied Trades Union (Catu) proposed by John Mann
EDM125 Political Fund Ballots And The Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph And Theatre Union (Bectu) proposed by John Mann
EDM127 Hands Off Venezuela Campaign proposed by John McDonnell
EDM126 Political Fund Ballots And The Associated Society Of Locomotive Engineers And Firemen (Aslef) proposed by John Mann
EDM128 30th Anniversary Of The Anthony Nolan Trust proposed by John McDonnell
EDM129 Swissport UK Limited proposed by John McDonnell
EDM130 Eu Enlargement With Romania And Bulgaria proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM131 Public Inquiry Into Gulf War Diseases proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM132 Maternity Services In South Portsmouth proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM134 Prescription Medication proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM135 Costs Of Night-Time Leisure Economy proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM133 Republic Of Moldova proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM136 Welfare Of Animals proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM137 Service Accommodation proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM138 VAT On Commemorative Headstones proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM140 Standing Areas At Football Grounds proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM139 Affordable Housing In The South East proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM141 Dog And Cat Fur proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM142 Availability Of Glivec proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM143 Arctic Campaign Medal proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM144 Bollington Post Office, Bollington, Near Macclesfield proposed by Nicholas Winterton
EDM145 Bond Street Post Office, Macclesfield proposed by Nicholas Winterton
EDM146 Scottish Cricket Victory proposed by Alex Salmond
EDM147 SIR ALEX FERGUSON'S 1000 MATCHES proposed by Alex Salmond
EDM148 Animals In War Memorial proposed by Tony Banks

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM9 Make Poverty History In 2005 Campaign (96 signatures)
  2. EDM76 Band Aid 20 (52 signatures)
  3. EDM40 Financial Assistance Scheme (20 signatures)
  4. EDM148 Animals In War Memorial (19 signatures)
  5. EDM98 Minefield De-Mining In Cyprus (12 signatures)
  6. EDM120 Carers In The United Kingdom (10 signatures)
  7. EDM89 Pensioners Of The Maxwell Communications Pension Fund (10 signatures)
  8. EDM119 ST GEORGE'S DAY (8 signatures)
  9. EDM1 Cystic Fibrosis And Prescription Charges (7 signatures)
  10. EDM49 Eu And Animal Welfare (7 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Tim Yeo (32 signatures)
  2. Anne McIntosh (32 signatures)
  3. Andrew George (26 signatures)
  4. Mike Hancock (17 signatures)
  5. Robert Key (16 signatures)
  6. James Paice (14 signatures)
  7. Owen Paterson (14 signatures)
  8. James Gray (14 signatures)
  9. Bill Wiggin (11 signatures)
  10. Bob Russell (9 signatures)
  11. John Mann (8 signatures)

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