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A total of 155 mps proposed 25 motions and submitted a total of 918 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM555 Protection Of Parkland proposed by Lorely Burt
EDM556 Separate Recognition And Monitoring Of Sikhs proposed by Rob Marris
EDM557 Anglo-Sikh Heritage proposed by Rob Marris
EDM558 Code Of Practice On Sikh Articles Of Faith proposed by Rob Marris
EDM559 Government Consultation On Sikh Issues proposed by Rob Marris
EDM560 Postal Services proposed by Linda Riordan
EDM561 Jack Nicklaus And The 2005 Open Golf Championship proposed by Laurence Robertson
EDM562 Ethnic Minority Inclusion In Sport proposed by Don Foster
EDM563 Annual Debate On The State Of The Environment proposed by Annette Brooke
EDM564 Funding For Support For Families Of Road Crash Victims proposed by Linda Riordan
EDM565 Classification Of Wildlife Crime As Recordable proposed by Bob Spink
EDM566 London 2012 Olympic Games proposed by Bob Spink
EDM567 Podiatry And Chiropody Services proposed by Bob Spink
EDM568 Provision Of Public Toilets proposed by Bob Spink
EDM569 Refugee Status And Leave To Remain In The UK proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM570 Control Of Head Lice proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM571 House Of Lords Reform proposed by David Curry
EDM572 Single Farm Payments proposed by Timothy Farron
EDM573 National Archaeology Week proposed by Hugh Bayley
EDM574 BBC Executives proposed by John McDonnell
EDM575 Public Service Workers And The Terrorist Attacks On London proposed by John McDonnell
EDM576 Thorp Closure proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM577 Physician-Assisted Dying proposed by Claire Curtis-Thomas
EDM578 Civil Legal Aid (No. 2) proposed by Dominic Grieve
EDM579 Maintenance And Management Of Council Houses proposed by Brian Iddon

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM551 Lymphoedema Cancer (15 signatures)
  2. EDM377 Train Service From Halifax To London (14 signatures)
  3. EDM579 Maintenance And Management Of Council Houses (13 signatures)
  4. EDM536 Cape Plc Proposed UK Asbestos Victims Fund (11 signatures)
  5. EDM531 Tax Credits And The Parliamentary Ombudsman (11 signatures)
  6. EDM545 Right Of Appeal For Overseas Students (11 signatures)
  7. EDM404 Measures Of Pints Of Beer (11 signatures)
  8. EDM547 Black People And The Electoral Register (11 signatures)
  9. EDM528 Freight By Rail (11 signatures)
  10. EDM540 Silent Calls (10 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Eric Illsley (110 signatures)
  2. Paul Truswell (57 signatures)
  3. Jeff Ennis (50 signatures)
  4. Stephen Williams (36 signatures)
  5. Betty Williams (35 signatures)
  6. Martin Caton (29 signatures)
  7. Greg Mulholland (25 signatures)
  8. Hywel Williams (22 signatures)
  9. Andrew Love (18 signatures)
  10. Bob Spink (18 signatures)
  11. Jim Dobbin (17 signatures)

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