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A total of 157 mps proposed 15 motions and submitted a total of 1035 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM847 Wildlife And Countryside Link Marine Legislation Campaign proposed by Paddy Tipping
EDM848 Hidden Costs Of Foods proposed by Alan Meale
EDM849 Withdrawal Of Funding For The Woodcraft Folk proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM850 New National Service Framework For Cardiac Arrhythmias proposed by Rudi Vis
EDM851 Famagusta (Verosha), Cyprus proposed by Tom Cox
EDM852 Edneth Gotora proposed by Frank Cook
EDM853 Unsolved Killings Review In Northern Ireland proposed by Gregory Campbell
EDM854 Health Committee Report On Prevention Of Venous Thromboembolism proposed by John P Smith
EDM855 Political Prisoners In The UK proposed by Malcolm Bruce
EDM856 Pensioner Travel proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM857 National Obesity Awareness Week proposed by David Amess
EDM858 Windfall Taxes proposed by Malcolm Bruce
EDM859 London Meeting To Support The Palestinian Authority proposed by Richard Burden
EDM765A1 Report Racism Initiative proposed by John Austin
EDM812A2 Promoting Fairtrade proposed by David Lepper

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM840 Prostate Cancer Awareness Week (19 signatures)
  2. EDM826 All Party Group For Carers (18 signatures)
  3. EDM801 Small Scale Renewable Energy Developments (17 signatures)
  4. EDM815 Breast Cancer Lavender Week, 28th February - 6th March (17 signatures)
  5. EDM817 Cardiac Risk In The Young (17 signatures)
  6. EDM842 Domestic Violence (16 signatures)
  7. EDM816 Brain Injury Awareness Week, 14th - 20th March 2005 (16 signatures)
  8. EDM823 Promotion Of Traidcraft Goods (16 signatures)
  9. EDM828 Raise The Roof Campaign (16 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. James Paice (139 signatures)
  2. Stephen Hepburn (75 signatures)
  3. Tony Clarke (55 signatures)
  4. Jeremy Corbyn (36 signatures)
  5. Syd Rapson (36 signatures)
  6. Tom Brake (34 signatures)
  7. Tony Colman (33 signatures)
  8. Albert Owen (32 signatures)
  9. Jenny Tonge (31 signatures)
  10. Kerry Pollard (30 signatures)
  11. Derek Wyatt (24 signatures)

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