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A total of 153 mps proposed 12 motions and submitted a total of 721 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM805 Protection Of Village Schools proposed by Nigel Evans
EDM806 Mixed Sex Hospital Wards proposed by Nigel Evans
EDM807 National Tinnitus Week 2008 proposed by David Taylor
EDM808 150th Anniversary Of The Hallé Orchestra proposed by Tony Lloyd
EDM809 Future Of Remploy proposed by Michael Clapham
EDM810 Harrogate Theatre And Arts Council Funding proposed by Phil Willis
EDM811 Relate UK proposed by Anne Main
EDM812 Pleural Plaques Compensation proposed by Doug Henderson
EDM813 Disposable Nappies proposed by David Taylor
EDM814 Greening The UK Campaign proposed by Brian H Donohoe
EDM815 Asbestosis Pleural Plaques proposed by Jim Sheridan
EDM801A1 Individual Freedom proposed by Bob Spink

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM815 Asbestosis Pleural Plaques (34 signatures)
  2. EDM792 Britannia Image On Fifty Pence Coin (22 signatures)
  3. EDM736 Climate Change Bill (15 signatures)
  4. EDM783 Commercial Seal Hunting And The Importation Of Seal Products Into The UK (13 signatures)
  5. EDM812 Pleural Plaques Compensation (13 signatures)
  6. EDM788 Child Executions (12 signatures)
  8. EDM807 National Tinnitus Week 2008 (11 signatures)
  9. EDM808 150th Anniversary Of The Hallé Orchestra (11 signatures)
  10. EDM796 Help The Homeless (10 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Brian Jenkins (92 signatures)
  2. Jim Devine (73 signatures)
  3. John Leech (34 signatures)
  4. Bill Etherington (28 signatures)
  5. Dr William McCrea (22 signatures)
  6. Andrew Dismore (21 signatures)
  7. Annette Brooke (20 signatures)
  8. Stephen Williams (20 signatures)
  9. Malcolm Bruce (18 signatures)
  10. Robert N Wareing (17 signatures)
  11. Gregory Campbell (17 signatures)

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