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A total of 160 mps proposed 16 motions and submitted a total of 700 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM2196 Collection Of Clothes For Profit proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM2198 Enfranchisement Of 16 And 17 Year Olds In Jersey proposed by Stephen Williams
EDM2199 Skull Splitter Ale proposed by Alistair Carmichael
EDM2200 Glasgow Rangers And Unicef proposed by Ian Davidson
EDM2201 End Child Poverty Keep The Promise Campaign proposed by Dai Davies
EDM2202 Selective Mutism proposed by Mark Williams
EDM2203 Junior Artisan Club proposed by Mark Williams
EDM2204 Motorcycle Action Group proposed by Mark Williams
EDM2205 Agency Healthcare Workers proposed by Alan Meale
EDM2207 Vehicle Excise Duty (No. 2) proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM2208 British Airways Job Losses At Glasgow Airport proposed by Jim Sheridan
EDM2209 Freedom From Fear Campaign (No. 2) proposed by Brian Jenkins
EDM2211 Deaths At Deepcut Barracks proposed by Lembit Opik
EDM2212 Lupus Awareness Month proposed by Janet Dean
EDM2210 Education (S.i., 2008, No. 2507) proposed by John McDonnell

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM2158 Breast Cancer Wear It Pink Day Campaign (69 signatures)
  2. EDM2212 Lupus Awareness Month (37 signatures)
  3. EDM2208 British Airways Job Losses At Glasgow Airport (21 signatures)
  4. EDM2185 Fuel Charges For Pre-Payment Meters (18 signatures)
  5. EDM2154 National Identity Fraud Prevention Week 2008 (14 signatures)
  6. EDM2200 Glasgow Rangers And Unicef (14 signatures)
  7. EDM2189 Taking Forward The Marine Bill (13 signatures)
  8. EDM2190 Living Landscape Schemes (13 signatures)
  9. EDM2148 Tax Credit Overpayments (12 signatures)
  10. EDM2170 Tribune (11 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Elfyn Llwyd (37 signatures)
  2. Mike Hancock (37 signatures)
  3. Phil Willis (33 signatures)
  4. John Mason (32 signatures)
  5. Martin Caton (29 signatures)
  6. Mark Williams (27 signatures)
  7. Jim Devine (26 signatures)
  8. Gregory Campbell (23 signatures)
  9. Dai Davies (23 signatures)
  10. David Drew (22 signatures)
  11. David Simpson (21 signatures)

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