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A total of 118 mps proposed 19 motions and submitted a total of 560 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1908 Freedom Of Information And Animal Experimentation proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM1909 Surface Water Drainage Charges proposed by Timothy Farron
EDM1911 Glasgow Chicken Tikka Masala proposed by Mohammad Sarwar
EDM1912 East Coast Main Line proposed by John Grogan
EDM1913 It Apprenticeship Scheme proposed by Timothy Farron
EDM1914 Defence Select Committee Report And Helicopter Availability In Afghanistan proposed by David Laws
EDM1915 Access To Telecommunication Services For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing People proposed by Malcolm Bruce
EDM1916 Cricket In Scotland proposed by Russell Brown
EDM1917 National Childminding Association proposed by Mark Williams
EDM1918 Ceredigion Carers Charter proposed by Mark Williams
EDM1919 Carers Film In Ceredigion proposed by Mark Williams
EDM1920 Recommendations Of The Culture, Media And Sport Committee Report On The Licensing Act 2003 proposed by Janet Anderson
EDM1921 Female Prisoners proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM1922 40th Anniversary Of The Apollo 11 Moon Landing proposed by Nigel Evans
EDM1923 Private Car Clamping proposed by Norman Baker
EDM1924 Political Journalism In Scotland proposed by Menzies Campbell
EDM1925 Vestas proposed by John McDonnell
EDM1733A1 Plan Bee Campaign proposed by Edward Vaizey

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM1883 Strategic Defence Review (13 signatures)
  2. EDM1921 Female Prisoners (12 signatures)
  3. EDM1906 Differential Rate Of Duty On Draught Beer (11 signatures)
  4. EDM1874 Surface Water Drainage Charges And The Voluntary Sector (11 signatures)
  5. EDM1886 Safety And Health In Construction (11 signatures)
  6. EDM1870 Pilot Saturday Opening Of Houses Of Parliament For Constituents (10 signatures)
  7. EDM1912 East Coast Main Line (10 signatures)
  8. EDM1800 Firecontrol Project (9 signatures)
  9. EDM1920 Recommendations Of The Culture, Media And Sport Committee Report On The Licensing Act 2003 (9 signatures)
  10. EDM1845 Future Of The Steel Industry (9 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Iris Robinson (41 signatures)
  2. Brian Jenkins (35 signatures)
  3. Paul Flynn (35 signatures)
  4. Neil Gerrard (32 signatures)
  5. Janet Anderson (29 signatures)
  6. Harry Cohen (28 signatures)
  7. John Hemming (22 signatures)
  8. Nick Harvey (19 signatures)
  9. Ann Cryer (17 signatures)
  10. Betty Williams (14 signatures)
  11. Dai Davies (14 signatures)

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