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A total of 244 mps proposed 106 motions and submitted a total of 656 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM1 Attendance Allowance And Disability Living Allowance proposed by Bob Russell
EDM2 Centenary Of Girlguiding UK proposed by Bob Russell
EDM3 25th Anniversary Of Raleigh International proposed by Bob Russell
EDM4 Learning Outside The Classroom proposed by Bob Russell
EDM5 Cystic Fibrosis And Prescription Charges proposed by Bob Russell
EDM6 First Aid Education In Schools proposed by Bob Russell
EDM7 VAT On Repairs And Maintenance To Existing Buildings proposed by Bob Russell
EDM8 Empty Shops proposed by Bob Russell
EDM9 Airport For The Island Of St Helena proposed by Bob Russell
EDM10 Campaign To Save The Great British Pub proposed by Bob Russell
EDM11 50th Anniversary Of End Of Cyprus Emergency proposed by Bob Russell
EDM12 Use Of Animals To Test Food Additives proposed by Bob Russell
EDM13 Treatment Of Dogs In China proposed by Bob Russell
EDM14 Animal Testing And Household Cleaning Products proposed by Bob Russell
EDM15 Butterflies proposed by Bob Russell
EDM16 Dragonflies proposed by Bob Russell
EDM17 Endangered British Mammals proposed by Bob Russell
EDM18 General Election Count Timing proposed by Bob Spink
EDM19 Equitable Life Pensioners And Policy Holders proposed by Bob Spink
EDM20 Referendum On The Eu proposed by Bob Spink
EDM21 Gurkha Pensions proposed by Bob Spink
EDM22 Ex-Service Pensions proposed by Bob Spink
EDM23 Royal British Legion proposed by Bob Spink
EDM24 Housing Needs For Persons Leaving The Armed Forces proposed by Bob Spink
EDM25 Climate Change And Carbon Dioxide Emissions proposed by Bob Spink
EDM26 Environment Agency Flood Risk Objections proposed by Bob Spink
EDM27 Asset Disposal And Dartford Crossing proposed by Bob Spink
EDM28 Tackling Malaria proposed by Bob Spink
EDM29 Safety Of Medicines proposed by Bob Spink
EDM30 Royal National Institute For The Deaf Read My Lips! Campaign proposed by Bob Spink
EDM31 Vanishing Of The Bees Film proposed by Bob Spink
EDM32 Higher Education Funding proposed by Bob Spink
EDM33 Experiments On Primates proposed by Bob Spink
EDM34 Independent Newsagents proposed by Bob Spink
EDM35 Local Newspapers And Journalism proposed by Bob Spink
EDM36 Urban Fox Hunting proposed by Bob Spink
EDM37 Nuclear Arms Reduction And Trident Replacement proposed by Bob Spink
EDM38 Access To HIV Treatment proposed by Bob Spink
EDM39 Living With Autism proposed by Bob Spink
EDM40 Keep Britain Tidy Charity proposed by Bob Spink
EDM41 Animal Welfare And The Production Of Foie Gras proposed by Bob Spink
EDM42 Carers' Poverty Charter proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM43 Protection Of Back Garden Land proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM44 Statutory Basis For Adult Protection proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM45 Council Tax Discounts For People With Dementia proposed by Paul Burstow
EDM46 Support For The Bingo Industry proposed by Bob Spink
EDM47 World Aids Day 2009 proposed by Peter Bottomley
EDM48 Televising Of Rugby League Challenge Cup Final proposed by Neil Turner
EDM49 Pernicious Anaemia proposed by Doug Naysmith
EDM50 Vertical Crop Growing System proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM51 Costs Of Council Tax Collection proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM52 Paying For Broadband proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM53 Transfer Of Responsibilities For Tourism proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM54 Personalised Learning And Class Sizes proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM55 Directly Elected Prime Minister proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM56 Work And Benefits For People With Autism proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM57 Chicken Farming And Maximum Permitted Stocking Density proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM58 Welfare Of Farmed Rabbits proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM59 Conviction Of George Kelly proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM60 Sheltered Housing Wardens proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM61 Benefits System And Shared Parenting proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM62 Disabled Facility Grants proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM63 Access To Insulin Pump Therapy For People With Type 1 Diabetes proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM64 Access To Inhaled Insulin Products For Diabetics proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM65 Information Prescriptions For People With Diabetes proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM66 Seasonal Unemployment proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM67 Christian Holy Days And Commercial Activities proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM68 Text Message 999 Service proposed by Adrian Sanders
EDM69 Animal Testing proposed by Bob Spink
EDM70 Livestock Sector And Sustainability proposed by Bob Spink
EDM71 Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Recognition Of Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch proposed by Jim Sheridan
EDM72 A1 Techsol Ltd, Stockport Road, Manchester proposed by Gerald Kaufman
EDM73 Code Of Practice On The Welfare Of Privately Kept Non-Human Primates proposed by Colin Breed
EDM74 Fair Pricing For Pre-Payment Energy Meters proposed by John Austin
EDM75 Waste Recycling (End Use Register) Bill proposed by David Drew
EDM76 Banking Payments proposed by Gregory Campbell
EDM77 UK Sanctions Against Iran proposed by Andrew Gwynne
EDM78 Local Spending Reports And Sustainable Communities Act 2007 proposed by David Drew
EDM79 Animal Welfare proposed by Fabian Hamilton
EDM80 Network Rail And Safety proposed by Linda Riordan
EDM81 Conflict Prevention proposed by Simon Hughes
EDM82 Debate On Afghanistan proposed by Frank Field
EDM83 Freedom Of Information Legislation And Royal Household proposed by Lynne Jones
EDM84 Public Sector Pay proposed by Graham Stringer
EDM85 Islay And Bank Of Scotland proposed by Alan Reid
EDM86 Prevention Of Healthcare-Associated Infections proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM87 Whittington Hospital proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM88 GuantÁnamo Bay proposed by Keith Vaz
EDM89 Nottinghamshire Police Graduates proposed by John Mann
EDM90 Recycling In Bassetlaw proposed by John Mann
EDM91 Free Health Checks proposed by John Mann
EDM92 Beak-Trimming Of Laying Hens proposed by Gwyn Prosser
EDM93 Public Service Workers proposed by Gwyn Prosser
EDM94 Racehorse Breeding In The United Kingdom proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM95 Food Labelling And Welfare Of Chickens proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM96 Royal Navy And Royal Marines Children's Fund proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM97 Animal Protection Policy proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM98 VAT On Essential Sun Care Health Products proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM99 Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM100 Health And Safety (S.i., 2009, No. 1927) proposed by David Cameron
EDM102 World Champion David Haye proposed by Simon Hughes
EDM103 Criminal Law (S.i., 2009, No. 2720) proposed by Henry Bellingham
EDM104 Criminal Law (S.i., 2009, No. 2773) proposed by Dominic Grieve
EDM101 Proceeds Of Crime (S.i., 2009, No. 2707) proposed by David Cameron
EDM105 Road Traffic (S.i., 2009, No. 2085) proposed by David Cameron
EDM106 Human Fertilisation And Embryology (S.i., 2009, No. 2581) proposed by David Cameron

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM78 Local Spending Reports And Sustainable Communities Act 2007 (114 signatures)
  2. EDM74 Fair Pricing For Pre-Payment Energy Meters (55 signatures)
  3. EDM82 Debate On Afghanistan (41 signatures)
  4. EDM71 Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Recognition Of Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch (34 signatures)
  5. EDM49 Pernicious Anaemia (27 signatures)
  6. EDM85 Islay And Bank Of Scotland (27 signatures)
  7. EDM48 Televising Of Rugby League Challenge Cup Final (24 signatures)
  8. EDM102 World Champion David Haye (21 signatures)
  9. EDM103 Criminal Law (S.i., 2009, No. 2720) (15 signatures)
  10. EDM80 Network Rail And Safety (15 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Bob Spink (47 signatures)
  2. Andrew George (29 signatures)
  3. Mike Hancock (28 signatures)
  4. Adrian Sanders (24 signatures)
  5. Bob Russell (22 signatures)
  6. Lynne Jones (22 signatures)
  7. Jeremy Corbyn (17 signatures)
  8. Simon Hughes (14 signatures)
  9. Peter Bottomley (10 signatures)
  10. John McDonnell (9 signatures)
  11. David Taylor (8 signatures)

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