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A total of 156 mps proposed 42 motions and submitted a total of 786 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM107 Action Against Terrorism proposed by Tim Boswell
EDM108 London Bus Fares proposed by Diane Abbott
EDM109 Public And Private Healthcare Provision proposed by Diane Abbott
EDM110 Black History Month proposed by Diane Abbott
EDM112 Don't Write Me Off Campaign proposed by Paul Rowen
EDM113 Musculoskeletal Services Framework proposed by Paul Rowen
EDM114 Remuneration Of Royal Bank Of Scotland Chief Executive proposed by Dai Davies
EDM115 Expenses And Allowances For Hon. Members proposed by Dai Davies
EDM116 Royal Bank Of Scotland Bonuses And Use Of Public Money proposed by Dai Davies
EDM117 Professor Elinor Ostrom And The 2009 Nobel Prize For Economics proposed by Dai Davies
EDM118 National Autism Society proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM119 Maritime And Coastguard Agency Pay proposed by Alistair Carmichael
EDM120 Charities And Churches At Christmas proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM121 Sustainable Support For Farmers proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM122 Co-Op And Fair Trade Products proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM123 Help For Heroes Charity Funding proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM124 Dolphin Slaughter In Japan proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM125 Consumer Protection For Airline Passengers proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM126 Guidance And Support For Carers proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM127 Canned Lion Hunting proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM128 Extension Of The Car Scrappage Scheme proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM129 Protection And Creation Of Bridleways proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM130 Communication At Christmas For Frontline Troops proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM131 Benefit Helpline Scams proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM132 Provision Of Tamiflu By British Red Cross proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM133 Help The Homeless proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM134 Lloyds Tsb And Scottish Charities proposed by Alistair Carmichael
EDM135 Teacher Professional Development proposed by Andrew Pelling
EDM136 Higher Targets For River Water Quality proposed by Paddy Tipping
EDM137 World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day 2009 proposed by Kevin Barron
EDM138 Say No To Size Zero Campaign proposed by Lembit Opik
EDM139 Detention Of Children proposed by Chris Mullin
EDM140 Public Procurement Of Non-Cage Eggs proposed by Chris Mullin
EDM141 Ibm Final Salary Pension Scheme proposed by Sandra Gidley
EDM142 Asbestos In Homes proposed by Sandra Gidley
EDM143 Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill proposed by David Drew
EDM144 Negotiating A Nuclear Weapons Convention proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM145 London 2012 Olympics And Tourism proposed by Pete Wishart
EDM146 Television Replay Evidence In Football Matches proposed by Angus MacNeil
EDM147 Prince's Rainforests Project proposed by David Maclean
EDM19A1 Equitable Life Pensioners And Policy Holders proposed by Simon Hughes
EDM111 Digital Networks And The Un Convention On The Rights Of The Child proposed by Derek Wyatt

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM143 Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill (124 signatures)
  2. EDM137 World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day 2009 (15 signatures)
  3. EDM42 Carers' Poverty Charter (10 signatures)
  4. EDM62 Disabled Facility Grants (10 signatures)
  5. EDM65 Information Prescriptions For People With Diabetes (9 signatures)
  6. EDM107 Action Against Terrorism (9 signatures)
  7. EDM63 Access To Insulin Pump Therapy For People With Type 1 Diabetes (9 signatures)
  8. EDM44 Statutory Basis For Adult Protection (9 signatures)
  9. EDM12 Use Of Animals To Test Food Additives (8 signatures)
  10. EDM43 Protection Of Back Garden Land (8 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Peter Bottomley (91 signatures)
  2. Alan Simpson (82 signatures)
  3. Mike Hancock (58 signatures)
  4. Jeremy Corbyn (56 signatures)
  5. Andrew George (52 signatures)
  6. Bob Russell (41 signatures)
  7. Colin Breed (41 signatures)
  8. Annette Brooke (34 signatures)
  9. Sandra Gidley (32 signatures)
  10. Lynne Jones (31 signatures)
  11. Adrian Sanders (19 signatures)

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