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A total of 88 mps proposed 13 motions and submitted a total of 561 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM812 Pendle Boarding School For Girls (No. 2) proposed by Gordon Prentice
EDM813 Additional Rosette For Malaya Veterans proposed by Sandra Gidley
EDM814 Dumping Of Waste In Rainforest Ecosystems proposed by Bob Spink
EDM815 Home Refurbishment And Value Added Tax proposed by Bob Spink
EDM816 Complaints Procedure For Veterinary Practices proposed by Bob Spink
EDM817 Content On Facebook proposed by Bob Spink
EDM818 Furnished Holiday Lettings Rules (No. 2) proposed by Bob Spink
EDM819 Association For Perioperative Practice proposed by Laura Moffatt
EDM820 Gatwick Airport Pantomime Society proposed by Laura Moffatt
EDM821 National Offender Management Services proposed by Neil Gerrard
EDM822 Consultation On A Supermarket Ombudsman proposed by Andrew George
EDM823 Control Of Major Accident Hazard Sites proposed by Bob Spink
EDM824 New Zealand Waitangi Day proposed by Andrew Rosindell

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM821 National Offender Management Services (13 signatures)
  2. EDM796 Low Glucose Levels In Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers (9 signatures)
  3. EDM813 Additional Rosette For Malaya Veterans (8 signatures)
  4. EDM682 Protection For Polar Bears (8 signatures)
  5. EDM805 Dementia Research (8 signatures)
  6. EDM786 Royal National Lifeboat Institution And Sos Day 2010 (8 signatures)
  7. EDM714 Adult Autism Strategy (7 signatures)
  8. EDM800 Bereavement Benefits (6 signatures)
  9. EDM788 Royal Fleet Auxiliary (6 signatures)
  10. EDM772 Domestic Violence And Children (6 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. David Hamilton (77 signatures)
  2. Diane Abbott (75 signatures)
  3. Mark Durkan (44 signatures)
  4. Kelvin Hopkins (36 signatures)
  5. Bruce George (35 signatures)
  6. John Hemming (33 signatures)
  7. Mike Hancock (23 signatures)
  8. Betty Williams (21 signatures)
  9. Lynne Jones (19 signatures)
  10. Peter Bottomley (13 signatures)
  11. Bob Spink (12 signatures)

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