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A total of 87 mps proposed 9 motions and submitted a total of 352 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM394 Dementia Awareness Week Wales proposed by Jonathan Edwards
EDM395 Collective Worship proposed by Julian Huppert
EDM396 Welsh Baseball proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM397 50th Anniversary Of The Death Of Aneurin Bevan proposed by Kevin Brennan
EDM398 St Paul's Carnival, Bristol proposed by Stephen Williams
EDM399 Building Schools For The Future In Waltham Forest proposed by John Cryer
EDM400 Cost Of Telephone And Television Services For Nhs Patients proposed by Robert Halfon
EDM401 70th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Britain proposed by James Gray
EDM387A1 Homeopathy proposed by Julian Huppert

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM260 Beak Trimming Of Laying Hens (17 signatures)
  2. EDM397 50th Anniversary Of The Death Of Aneurin Bevan (14 signatures)
  3. EDM274 Economic Effects Of Rail Transport (14 signatures)
  4. EDM401 70th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Britain (11 signatures)
  5. EDM396 Welsh Baseball (9 signatures)
  6. EDM301 Civil Service Compensation Scheme (7 signatures)
  7. EDM389 Veterans In The Criminal Justice System (7 signatures)
  8. EDM178 Sustainable Communities Act 2007 Proposals (6 signatures)
  9. EDM392 Bowel Cancer (6 signatures)
  10. EDM369 Effects Of June 2010 Budget On People With Disabilities (6 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Chris Evans (42 signatures)
  2. Hywel Francis (24 signatures)
  3. David Heyes (19 signatures)
  4. Jim Dobbin (19 signatures)
  5. John Leech (18 signatures)
  6. Paul Flynn (17 signatures)
  7. Ian Paisley Jnr (12 signatures)
  8. Jeffrey Donaldson (12 signatures)
  9. Paul Murphy (10 signatures)
  10. Mike Hancock (10 signatures)
  11. Peter Bottomley (9 signatures)

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