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A total of 102 mps proposed 14 motions and submitted a total of 511 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM264 National Housing Federation's Save Our Villages Campaign proposed by Andrew George
EDM265 Champions For Childhood Epilepsy Campaign proposed by Sam Gyimah
EDM266 North Review And The Drink Drive Limit proposed by John Leech
EDM267 London Underground Ticket Offices In Watford Constituency proposed by Richard Harrington
EDM268 Citizens Advice proposed by Ann Coffey
EDM269 Afghanistan Strategy proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM270 Cost Of Foster Care proposed by Mike Hancock
EDM271 Lord Trimble And The Israeli Inquiry Into The Raid On The Gaza Flotilla proposed by Gerald Kaufman
EDM272 Low Carbon Transition proposed by Martin Horwood
EDM273 North Tees And Hartlepool University Hospitals proposed by Alex Cunningham
EDM274 Economic Effects Of Rail Transport proposed by Iain Stewart
EDM275 Ketamine proposed by Charlotte Leslie
EDM276 World Sickle Cell Day proposed by Diane Abbott
EDM277 Mr S. S. Virk Of Des Pardes Weekly proposed by John McDonnell

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM261 Eu Free Trade Agreement With Colombia And Peru (17 signatures)
  2. EDM178 Sustainable Communities Act 2007 Proposals (13 signatures)
  3. EDM116 Hunting Act 2004 (12 signatures)
  4. EDM268 Citizens Advice (12 signatures)
  5. EDM112 Human Rights In Burma (11 signatures)
  6. EDM210 Community Public Houses (10 signatures)
  7. EDM270 Cost Of Foster Care (10 signatures)
  8. EDM263 Front Page Campaign (8 signatures)
  9. EDM246 Working Carers (8 signatures)
  10. EDM42 Policy On Public Houses (8 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Eric Illsley (124 signatures)
  2. Mike Hancock (42 signatures)
  3. Ian Swales (21 signatures)
  4. John Hemming (16 signatures)
  5. Andrew George (15 signatures)
  6. Mark Williams (15 signatures)
  7. Mark Lazarowicz (14 signatures)
  8. Andrew Gwynne (13 signatures)
  9. Kerry McCarthy (12 signatures)
  10. Jim Dobbin (10 signatures)
  11. Joan Walley (9 signatures)

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