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A total of 109 mps proposed 32 motions and submitted a total of 426 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM80 10th Anniversary Of The Murders Of Chris Loftus And Kevin Speight proposed by Fabian Hamilton
EDM81 Not Doomed Yet-Campaign For Social Work proposed by Lindsay Hoyle
EDM82 Gift Of Life Campaign proposed by Timothy Farron
EDM83 Corus Teesside Cast Products Plant proposed by Ian Swales
EDM84 Human Rights In Malawi proposed by John Hemming
EDM85 Future Of The New Acute Hospital At Wynyard proposed by Alex Cunningham
EDM86 High Speed Rail proposed by Angus MacNeil
EDM87 Dignity For All Campaign proposed by Austin Mitchell
EDM88 Local Television proposed by Austin Mitchell
EDM89 Fatalities In Afghanistan proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM90 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 2) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM91 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 3) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM92 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 4) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM93 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 5) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM94 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 6) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM95 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 7) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM96 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 8) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM97 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 9) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM98 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 10) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM99 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 11) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM100 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 12) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM101 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 13) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM102 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 14) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM103 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 15) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM104 Fatalities In Afghanistan (No. 16) proposed by Paul Flynn
EDM105 Anonymity For Defendants In Rape Cases proposed by Fiona Mactaggart
EDM106 Access To Services For Severely Disabled People proposed by Andrew George
EDM107 Marie Stopes And China proposed by Jim Dobbin
EDM108 Law And Human Rights proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM109 Marie Stopes And Abortion Advertisements proposed by Jim Dobbin
EDM110 Trident And The Strategic Defence And Security Review proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM79 Legislation For Fixed-Term Parliaments proposed by Christopher Chope

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM105 Anonymity For Defendants In Rape Cases (47 signatures)
  2. EDM79 Legislation For Fixed-Term Parliaments (37 signatures)
  3. EDM14 Carers Week 2010 (12 signatures)
  4. EDM12 Talking Buses Campaign (9 signatures)
  5. EDM5 Access For Disabled Rail Users (9 signatures)
  6. EDM61 Joseph Rowntree Foundation Audit On Poverty (8 signatures)
  7. EDM45 Work And Benefits For People With Autism (8 signatures)
  8. EDM13 Prostate Cancer Charity (8 signatures)
  9. EDM1 Inability Of People To Vote On Polling Day (7 signatures)
  10. EDM60 Empty Shops (7 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Mike Hancock (70 signatures)
  2. Peter Bottomley (55 signatures)
  3. David Simpson (29 signatures)
  4. Stephen Williams (22 signatures)
  5. Stephen Lloyd (19 signatures)
  6. Hywel Williams (17 signatures)
  7. Paul Flynn (16 signatures)
  8. Jonathan Edwards (15 signatures)
  9. Jeffrey Donaldson (13 signatures)
  10. Adrian Sanders (11 signatures)
  11. Julian Huppert (11 signatures)

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