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A total of 81 mps proposed 8 motions and submitted a total of 303 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM2866 16 March Demonstrations In Riga proposed by Barry Gardiner
EDM2867 West Midlands And Surrey Police Forces And The Business Partnership Programme proposed by Elfyn Llwyd
EDM2868 Better Pensions proposed by Gregory Campbell
EDM2869 50th Anniversary Of The 1962 Orpington By-Election proposed by Greg Mulholland
EDM2870 Sale Of Nazi Memorabilia proposed by Fabian Hamilton
EDM2871 Top Level Domains In Wales proposed by Susan Elan Jones
EDM2872 Ted Tuppen And Enterprise Inns proposed by Greg Mulholland
EDM2801A1 Shortage Of Prescription Medicines proposed by Huw Irranca-Davies

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM2867 West Midlands And Surrey Police Forces And The Business Partnership Programme (14 signatures)
  2. EDM2848 Coastguard Station Closure (No. 3) (13 signatures)
  3. EDM2841 Future Of The Post Office (12 signatures)
  4. EDM2871 Top Level Domains In Wales (10 signatures)
  5. EDM2862 Deaths Caused By Looped Blind Cords (8 signatures)
  6. EDM2843 World Kidney Day (8 signatures)
  7. EDM2855 Syria And The International Criminal Court (7 signatures)
  8. EDM2854 School Food Standards (7 signatures)
  9. EDM2751 Justice Committee Report On Support For Families Of Missing People (6 signatures)
  10. EDM2847 Regional Variations In Diabetes Amputations (6 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Lindsay Roy (46 signatures)
  2. Albert Owen (25 signatures)
  3. Martin Caton (22 signatures)
  4. Jeremy Corbyn (19 signatures)
  5. Yasmin Qureshi (17 signatures)
  6. Ronnie Campbell (15 signatures)
  7. Dr William McCrea (14 signatures)
  8. Paul Murphy (8 signatures)
  9. Gregory Campbell (7 signatures)
  10. David Simpson (7 signatures)
  11. Stephen Williams (5 signatures)

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