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A total of 60 mps proposed 8 motions and submitted a total of 154 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM792 Academy And Free School Resignations proposed by George Galloway
EDM791 HM Revenue And Customs Centres In Northern Ireland proposed by Margaret Ritchie
EDM790 Impact On Family Justice Of Cuts In Legal Aid proposed by Elfyn Llwyd
EDM789 Living Wage Campaign proposed by George Galloway
EDM788 Roma Migrant Communities proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM787 London Underground Ticket Offices proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM786 Interpal proposed by Kelvin Hopkins
EDM785 Fly Grazing And Horse Welfare proposed by Alan Meale

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM773 African Elephants And The Ivory Trade (28 signatures)
  2. EDM786 Interpal (10 signatures)
  3. EDM780 Israeli Settlements On Palestinian Land (10 signatures)
  4. EDM788 Roma Migrant Communities (9 signatures)
  5. EDM777 Child Contact Centres (8 signatures)
  6. EDM782 Children's Fitness (6 signatures)
  7. EDM542 Sale Of Student Loans (5 signatures)
  8. EDM739 Press Freedom In Israel (4 signatures)
  9. EDM784 Fuel Duty (3 signatures)
  10. EDM746 Assassination Of Environmental Campaigners In Colombia (3 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. George Galloway (14 signatures)
  2. Bob Russell (10 signatures)
  3. Mike Hancock (9 signatures)
  4. Hywel Williams (8 signatures)
  5. Alan Meale (8 signatures)
  6. Jeremy Corbyn (6 signatures)
  7. Mark Durkan (5 signatures)
  8. Jim Cunningham (5 signatures)
  9. Lady Hermon (5 signatures)
  10. Grahame Morris (4 signatures)
  11. Glenda Jackson (4 signatures)

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