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A total of 85 mps proposed 12 motions and submitted a total of 385 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM240 Traveller Sites In Harlow proposed by Robert Halfon
EDM239 International Development Spending Target proposed by Roger Williams
EDM238 Asda Employment Practices proposed by Gerald Kaufman
EDM237 Misuse Of Anti-Discrimination Laws proposed by David TC Davies
EDM236 Second Chance Initiative proposed by Tom Clarke
EDM235 Gateshead Carers Association proposed by David Anderson
EDM234 National Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week proposed by Linda Riordan
EDM233 Cornwall Council's Treatment Of A Woman With Learning Disabilities proposed by John Hemming
EDM232 A United Kingdom Football Team proposed by Laurence Robertson
EDM231 Black Country Day proposed by Adrian Bailey
EDM230 Green Investment Bank Second Annual Review proposed by Michael Crockart
EDM241 Highways Agency proposed by John McDonnell

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM189 Wildlife Crime (17 signatures)
  2. EDM190 Release Of Chinese Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng (12 signatures)
  3. EDM228 Tour De France Le Grand D (12 signatures)
  4. EDM219 Child Maintenance Scheme (11 signatures)
  5. EDM212 Local Government And School Support Workers' Pay (10 signatures)
  6. EDM213 Bahrain Justice System (8 signatures)
  7. EDM184 Living Streets Report (8 signatures)
  8. EDM204 Destruction Of Palestinian Homes In Israel (8 signatures)
  9. EDM214 Chilcot Inquiry Delay (8 signatures)
  10. EDM215 Public Ownership Of The Railways (8 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. David Crausby (47 signatures)
  2. Jim McGovern (26 signatures)
  3. Mike Hancock (23 signatures)
  4. Elfyn Llwyd (22 signatures)
  5. John Hemming (18 signatures)
  6. Jeremy Corbyn (15 signatures)
  7. Jim Dobbin (15 signatures)
  8. Alan Meale (12 signatures)
  9. Virendra Kumar Sharma (11 signatures)
  10. Hywel Williams (11 signatures)
  11. Mark Durkan (10 signatures)

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