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A total of 69 mps proposed 12 motions and submitted a total of 241 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM829 Education proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM830 Donald Trump's Proposal On Muslim Immigration To The US proposed by George Kerevan
EDM831 Court Closures proposed by David Anderson
EDM832 Cadbury's Non-Payment Of Tax On UK Profits proposed by Roger Godsiff
EDM833 High Speed 2 And Funding For Wales proposed by Jonathan Edwards
EDM834 Planned Strike Action By DVSA Staff proposed by Jim Cunningham
EDM835 Bay Radio, Lancaster proposed by David Morris
EDM836 Christians In Uzbekistan proposed by Jim Shannon
EDM837 Comments By Donald Trump proposed by Imran Hussain
EDM838 EU Fisheries Council proposed by David Simpson
EDM839 Play As One Scotland proposed by Roger Mullin
EDM840 Kirkton Church And Graveyard Preservation proposed by Roger Mullin

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM839 Play As One Scotland (19 signatures)
  2. EDM830 Donald Trump's Proposal On Muslim Immigration To The US (18 signatures)
  3. EDM840 Kirkton Church And Graveyard Preservation (18 signatures)
  4. EDM824 Personal Independence Payment Assessments (11 signatures)
  5. EDM817 Muscular Dystophy UK Report On Access To Hydrotherapy (9 signatures)
  6. EDM826 Curfew On The City Of Silvan (9 signatures)
  7. EDM836 Christians In Uzbekistan (8 signatures)
  8. EDM829 Education (8 signatures)
  9. EDM822 50th Anniversary Of The Introduction Of The Race Relations Act 1965 (8 signatures)
  10. EDM816 Unveiling Of Tracy's Tree On Maryhill Road, Glasgow (7 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Joanna Cherry (21 signatures)
  2. Jim Cunningham (17 signatures)
  3. Jim Shannon (15 signatures)
  4. John McNally (14 signatures)
  5. Neil Gray (12 signatures)
  6. Mark Durkan (10 signatures)
  7. Martyn Day (10 signatures)
  8. Stephen Kinnock (9 signatures)
  9. Carol Monaghan (6 signatures)
  10. David Simpson (6 signatures)
  11. Peter Grant (6 signatures)

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