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A total of 87 mps proposed 18 motions and submitted a total of 341 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM295 Parthenon Sculptures proposed by Jeremy Lefroy
EDM296 British Medical Association Food For Thought Report proposed by Keith Vaz
EDM297 Return To London Of The Duke Of Wellington Statue proposed by Barry Sheerman
EDM298 Immigration Status Of Domestic Violence Survivors proposed by Barry Sheerman
EDM299 The Living Wage At Football Clubs proposed by Barry Sheerman
EDM300 Remanufacturing Of Paint proposed by Barry Sheerman
EDM301 Anthony Nolan Destination: Cure Report And Stem Cell Donation proposed by Colleen Fletcher
EDM302 Recognition Of Non-Formal Education proposed by Hannah Bardell
EDM303 Prevention Of Female Genital Mutilation proposed by Virendra Kumar Sharma
EDM304 Public Spending In The West Midlands proposed by Liam Byrne
EDM305 Finances Of North West Training Centre, Kinlochbervie proposed by Paul Monaghan
EDM306 Dunnet Head Nature Reserve Project proposed by Paul Monaghan
EDM307 Union Recognition By Quinetiq proposed by Ian Blackford
EDM308 Low Pay And Young Workers proposed by Ian Lavery
EDM309 Treatment Of Low-Paid Employees By Sotheby's proposed by Roger Godsiff
EDM310 Fair Pay For Apprentices proposed by Gavin Newlands
EDM311 Landrover Defenders proposed by Jim Shannon
EDM312 Arms And The Kurds proposed by Mary Glindon

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM310 Fair Pay For Apprentices (24 signatures)
  2. EDM285 Statistics On Deaths Of Incapacity Benefit And Employment And Support Allowance Claimants (20 signatures)
  3. EDM286 Keep Me Posted Campaign (18 signatures)
  4. EDM287 Israeli Military Treatment Of Palestinian Children (11 signatures)
  5. EDM280 Trident Main Gate Decision (11 signatures)
  6. EDM281 Treatment Of Yazidi Women And Minorities By ISIL (10 signatures)
  7. EDM284 Forth Bridge, UNESCO World Heritage Site (10 signatures)
  8. EDM294 Student Grants (10 signatures)
  9. EDM277 Conflict In Sudan And South Sudan (10 signatures)
  10. EDM308 Low Pay And Young Workers (8 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. David Anderson (33 signatures)
  2. Virendra Kumar Sharma (24 signatures)
  3. Roger Godsiff (20 signatures)
  4. Alex Salmond (17 signatures)
  5. Mark Williams (17 signatures)
  6. Chris Stephens (16 signatures)
  7. John McDonnell (15 signatures)
  8. Jim Shannon (12 signatures)
  9. Roger Mullin (12 signatures)
  10. Lady Hermon (11 signatures)
  11. Ian Mearns (8 signatures)

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