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A total of 76 mps proposed 15 motions and submitted a total of 224 signatures.

Motions Proposed Today

EDM923 Kays Curling Stones proposed by Alan Brown
EDM924 Historic Ties Between Scotland France And The Auld Alliance Trophy proposed by Joanna Cherry
EDM925 Professionalism And Value Of The British Civil Service proposed by Daniel Zeichner
EDM926 Unlawful Imprisonment For Not Paying Council Tax proposed by Barry Sheerman
EDM927 ASW Steelworkers' Pensions proposed by Jonathan Edwards
EDM928 Right2work proposed by Timothy Farron
EDM929 Working Group proposed by Caroline Lucas
EDM930 Brittle Bones Society proposed by Chris Law
EDM931 Bereavement Damages Cap proposed by Keith Vaz
EDM932 Abolition Of Hospital Car Parking Charges - Support proposed by Robert Halfon
EDM933 Hospital Car Parking Charges - Headway Case Study 1 proposed by Robert Halfon
EDM934 Hospital Car Parking Charges - RAC proposed by Robert Halfon
EDM935 Transfer Of Channel 4 proposed by Caroline Spelman
EDM936 Children And Young Persons proposed by Jeremy Corbyn
EDM937 Education proposed by Jeremy Corbyn

Today's Most Popular Motions

  1. EDM924 Historic Ties Between Scotland France And The Auld Alliance Trophy (22 signatures)
  2. EDM935 Transfer Of Channel 4 (10 signatures)
  3. EDM920 East Coast Mainline (7 signatures)
  4. EDM937 Education (6 signatures)
  5. EDM936 Children And Young Persons (6 signatures)
  6. EDM919 Physical Disability Rugby League (5 signatures)
  7. EDM923 Kays Curling Stones (5 signatures)
  8. EDM882 Votes At 16 (5 signatures)
  9. EDM916 Capita And The Privatisation Of Public Services (5 signatures)
  10. EDM905 International Day Against The Use Of Child Soldiers 2018 (4 signatures)

Today's Most Prolific MPs

  1. Hannah Bardell (43 signatures)
  2. Jim Cunningham (22 signatures)
  3. Mary Glindon (16 signatures)
  4. David Linden (13 signatures)
  5. Pete Wishart (10 signatures)
  6. Chris Stephens (7 signatures)
  7. Tommy Sheppard (6 signatures)
  8. Jim Shannon (5 signatures)
  9. Albert Owen (5 signatures)
  10. Gavin Robinson (4 signatures)
  11. Rosie Cooper (4 signatures)

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