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Prevention Of Severe Handicap;amdt. Line 1:

EDM number 172A4 in 1989-90, proposed by Martin Smyth on 20/12/1989.

Line 1, leave out from 'pioneering' to end and add: 'genetic disease research at centres investigating treatments and possible cures without the use of human embryos as guinea pigs; notes advances in cystic fibrosis research at the Toronto Children's Hospital and the University of Michigan, discoveries relating to muscular distrophy at Boston Children's Hospital, Downs Syndrome chromosome 21 gene analysis at L'Hopital Des Enfants Malades, Paris; welcomes successful bone marrow transplantation in genetic blood diseases and the significance of such remedies allied to somatic gene therapy relating to storage diseases and inborn errors of metabolism and central nervous system disorders such as Lesch Nyan Syndrome and Tay Sachs Disease; regrets that research at Hammersmith and St Mary's Hospitals, London, does not relate to the prevention, treatment or cure of severe handicap but concentrates on destroying affected embryos; observes that remedies based on such unsound medicine and poor genetic practice require, for optimum efficiency, the destruction of gene carriers, the parents rather than destruction of their offspring since as Motulsky demonstrated in 1971, destruction of embryos and foetuses affected by cystic fibrosis would require 1,250 years simply to have the gene frequency in the population because spontaneous mutation occurs in families with no previous history; records that in twenty years there have been no advances in treatment or cures for genetic diseases resulting from research on human embryos; condemns as cruel and premature unsubstantiated claims of success about embryo biopsy followed by normal live birth; and supports, unequivocally, legislation to ban research upon living human embryos'.

This is a ammendment to 172.

This motion has been signed by a total of 41 MPs, 1 of these signatures have been withdrawn.

Martin Smyth20/12/1989Belfast SouthProposed
David Alton20/12/1989Liverpool Mossley HillSigned
Nicholas Winterton20/12/1989MacclesfieldSigned
Ann Winterton20/12/1989CongletonSigned
Vivian Bendall20/12/1989Ilford NorthSigned
David Atkinson20/12/1989Bournemouth EastSigned
Andrew Bowden20/12/1989Brighton, KemptownSigned
James Pawsey08/01/1990Rugby & KenilworthSigned
Martin Redmond08/01/1990Don ValleySigned
Ronnie Fearn08/01/1990SouthportSigned
John Bowis08/01/1990BatterseaSigned
Ann Widdecombe08/01/1990MaidstoneSigned
Elizabeth Peacock09/01/1990Batley & SpenSigned
Harry Greenway09/01/1990Ealing NorthSigned
Terry Dicks09/01/1990Hayes & HarlingtonSigned
Thomas McAvoy09/01/1990Glasgow, RutherglenSigned
William Powell09/01/1990CorbySigned
Edward Leigh10/01/1990Gainsborough and HorncastleSigned
Seamus Mallon10/01/1990Newry & ArmaghSigned
Michael Grylls10/01/1990Surrey North WestSigned
Julian Brazier12/01/1990CanterburySigned
Bill Cash12/01/1990StaffordSigned
Andrew Hunter15/01/1990BasingstokeSigned
Bob Dunn15/01/1990DartfordSigned
Malcolm Thornton15/01/1990CrosbySigned
William McCrea17/01/1990Mid UlsterSigned
Eddie McGrady17/01/1990South DownSigned
Ken Maginnis17/01/1990Fermanagh & South TyroneSigned
Ian Paisley19/01/1990North AntrimSigned
Marion Roe25/01/1990BroxbourneSigned
David Amess29/01/1990BasildonSigned
Fergus Montgomery30/01/1990Altrincham and SaleSigned
Den Dover30/01/1990ChorleySigned
John Watts31/01/1990SloughSigned
Cecil Walker01/02/1990Belfast NorthSigned
Graham Bright05/02/1990Luton SouthSigned
Dale Campbell-Savours08/02/1990WorkingtonSigned
John Hume09/02/1990FoyleSigned
Jerry Hayes14/02/1990HarlowSigned
Rhodes Boyson13/03/1990Brent NorthSigned
Neil HamiltonUnknownWithdrawn

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