This website aims to provide a simple and open interface to Early Day Motion information in order to enable the public to engage with the political process more easily. The information is obtained through XML feeds from the backend of the parliament portal and is available for further reuse.

Data Stats for Current Session

MPs Active: 396
EDMs Proposed: 1,460
Total Signatures: 40,927
Most Recent Addition: 03/05/2016

Newest Motions RSS

  • EDM 1436 Leicester City Football Club Win The English Premier League
  • EDM 1437 Coeliac UK Awareness Week
  • EDM 1438 Govia Thameslink Railways Staffing Cuts
  • EDM 1439 Supplies Of British Ammunition To The Peshmerga
  • EDM 1440 Welsh National Flag And Eurovision
  • EDM 1425 Hillsborough Inquest And Sir Bernard Ingham
  • EDM 1426 Air Quality And Diesel Emissions In Urban Centres
  • EDM 1427 Topshop Cleaners And The Living Wage
  • EDM 1428 Ross Harris And Scotland's Sous Chef Of The Year 2016 Award
  • EDM 1429 The Cornish Language

Current Best Supported Motions

  1. EDM 107 Support For Community Public Houses
  2. EDM 1081 The NHS Bursary
  3. EDM 153 Mandatory Installation Of CCTV In Slaughterhouses
  4. EDM 333 Representation Of The People
  5. EDM 446 Mothers' Names And Marriage Certificates
  6. EDM 285 Statistics On Deaths Of Incapacity Benefit And Employment And Support Allowance Claimants
  7. EDM 402 Use Of Cages To Rear Birds For Shooting
  8. EDM 66 Supermarket Disposal Of Edible Food
  9. EDM 354 Compensation For Thalidomide Victims
  10. EDM 236 Prepayment Meters

Motions Recently Popular with MPs RSS

  1. EDM 1398 House Of Commons Library
  2. EDM 1433 Office Of The Scottish Charity Regulator 10th Anniversary
  3. EDM 1395 National Stalking Awareness Week
  4. EDM 1202 Ban On Microbeads
  5. EDM 1397 Parkinson's Awareness Week
  6. EDM 1279 Town And Country Planning
  7. EDM 1429 The Cornish Language
  8. EDM 1396 Belfast Blitz
  9. EDM 1424 Autism Awareness
  10. EDM 1434 Early Intervention Through Play For Children With Complex Needs