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Government's Homelessness Review

EDM number 194 in 1989-90, proposed by Alan Meale on 13/12/1989.

That this House, whilst welcoming the Government's own homelessness review and its conclusion that the Housing Act 1985 and the framework it gives for housing homeless people is essential and works reasonably well, is disappointed that the review has missed an ideal opportunity to strengthen the provisions of the Act and to achieve some constancy amongst local authorities whose practice sometimes varies greatly towards the treatment of homeless people, by enshrining the code of guidance, which accompanies the Act, into law; believes that the review should have widened the scope of the priority need groups in the Act, particularly in respect of the worsening situation currently applicable for 16 and 17 years old homeless persons; and is disappointed that only a ú250 million spending package to combat homelessness has been made available to mainly the stress areas of the South East and London, whilst thousands of homeless people are crying out for assistance outside these areas.

This motion has been signed by a total of 39 MPs.

Alan Meale13/12/1989MansfieldProposed
Jimmy Dunnachie13/12/1989Glasgow, PollokSigned
James Wray13/12/1989Glasgow ProvanSigned
Peter Hardy14/12/1989WentworthSigned
Keith Bradley14/12/1989Manchester, WithingtonSigned
George Galloway14/12/1989Glasgow HillheadSigned
John Battle14/12/1989Leeds WestSigned
Dennis Skinner15/12/1989BolsoverSigned
John McFall15/12/1989DumbartonSigned
Terry Lewis18/12/1989WorsleySigned
Bill Michie18/12/1989Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Ronnie Campbell18/12/1989Blyth ValleySigned
Mike Watson19/12/1989Glasgow CentralSigned
Joan Walley19/12/1989Stoke-on-Trent NorthSigned
Maria Fyfe19/12/1989Glasgow, MaryhillSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe19/12/1989LeighSigned
Ian McCartney19/12/1989MakerfieldSigned
Eric Illsley19/12/1989Barnsley CentralSigned
Peter Pike19/12/1989BurnleySigned
Alex Carlile19/12/1989MontgomerySigned
Doug Hoyle20/12/1989Warrington NorthSigned
Tom Cox20/12/1989TootingSigned
Frank Doran20/12/1989Aberdeen SouthSigned
Llin Golding20/12/1989Newcastle-under-LymeSigned
Bob Cryer21/12/1989Bradford SouthSigned
John Cummings21/12/1989EasingtonSigned
Jack Thompson21/12/1989WansbeckSigned
Donald Anderson08/01/1990Swansea EastSigned
Tony Banks08/01/1990Newham North WestSigned
Gerry Steinberg10/01/1990Durham, City ofSigned
Diane Abbott11/01/1990Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Eddie Loyden12/01/1990Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Tommy Graham18/01/1990Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Audrey Wise23/01/1990PrestonSigned
Allan Rogers25/01/1990RhonddaSigned
Max Madden29/01/1990Bradford WestSigned
Graham Allen05/02/1990Nottingham NorthSigned
Dale Campbell-Savours08/02/1990WorkingtonSigned
John Garrett08/02/1990Norwich SouthSigned

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