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Support For The Ulster Defence Regiment

EDM number 28 in 1989-90, proposed by Ian Paisley on 21/11/1989.

That this House, recognising the gallantry of the members of the Ulster Defence Regiment who, at great personal risk, serve on the front line in the battle against terrorism, remembering the courage and devotion to duty of so many of its members who have been murdered by Republican terrorists and sympathising with their loved ones, and affirming that all citizens must be subject to the law, rejects the campaign spearheaded by the Dublin government and nationalist politicians to discredit and destroy the entire regiment because of allegations, not yet proven, against some of its members; aware that according to the honourable Member for Foyle, Irish Republicans have been responsible for the deaths of 250 times as many people as the Ulster Defence Regiment, deplores calls by Irish ministers for the regiment to have no contact with the public; deplores the treating of members of the Ulster Defence Regiment by the Stevens enquiry team as if they were terrorists; sympathises with their families who, because of the recent Stevens directed operation of mass arrest, now live in fear for their lives and those of husbands and sons serving with the regiment; does not consider that the future of a regiment of the British Army is a proper subject for meetings of the Anglo-Irish Conference; and is implacably opposed to any interference whatever in the role of the Ulster Defence Regiment at the behest of the Dublin government.

This motion has been signed by a total of 13 MPs.

Ian Paisley21/11/1989North AntrimProposed
Peter Robinson21/11/1989Belfast EastSigned
Nicholas Winterton21/11/1989MacclesfieldSigned
William McCrea21/11/1989Mid UlsterSigned
Willie Ross22/11/1989East LondonderrySigned
Martin Smyth22/11/1989Belfast SouthSigned
James Molyneaux22/11/1989Lagan ValleySigned
Clifford Forsythe22/11/1989South AntrimSigned
John Taylor22/11/1989StrangfordSigned
Michael Morris23/11/1989Northampton SouthSigned
David Nicholson24/11/1989TauntonSigned
Ann Winterton28/11/1989CongletonSigned
Cecil Walker30/11/1989Belfast NorthSigned

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