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BBC Newsnight And Cambodia

EDM number 332 in 1989-90, proposed by George Galloway on 18/01/1990.

That this House is dismayed at the item on BBC's Newsnight of 16th January on Cambodia in which the opposition coalition of Pol Pot, Son San and Prince Sihanouk were referred to as 'The Resistance', a description comparable in its odious inappropriateness with the similar description of the Nicaraguan Contras by President Reagan; deplores the programme's apparent ignorance of this coalition's military domination by the Khmer Rouge and the consequent hollowness of the Sihanoukist 'promises' broadcast that Pol Pot will not return to power; expresses the hope that Newsnight will make John Pilger's film 'Cambodia Year 10', compulsory viewing for staff reporting on Cambodia; and reminds them that Pol Pot continues to stand accused of genocide.

This motion has been signed by a total of 44 MPs.

George Galloway18/01/1990Glasgow HillheadProposed
Ernie Ross18/01/1990Dundee WestSigned
John Cummings19/01/1990EasingtonSigned
Harry Barnes19/01/1990North East DerbyshireSigned
Robert Parry22/01/1990Liverpool, RiversideSigned
John McAllion22/01/1990Dundee EastSigned
William McKelvey22/01/1990Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Bill Michie22/01/1990Sheffield, HeeleySigned
John Evans22/01/1990St Helens NorthSigned
Andrew Faulds22/01/1990Warley EastSigned
John Battle22/01/1990Leeds WestSigned
John Smith23/01/1990Vale of GlamorganSigned
Audrey Wise23/01/1990PrestonSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie23/01/1990Glasgow, PollokSigned
Ronnie Campbell23/01/1990Blyth ValleySigned
Roland Boyes23/01/1990Houghton and WashingtonSigned
Ian McCartney23/01/1990MakerfieldSigned
Kim Howells23/01/1990PontypriddSigned
Peter Pike23/01/1990BurnleySigned
Alice Mahon24/01/1990HalifaxSigned
James Wray24/01/1990Glasgow ProvanSigned
Mike Watson24/01/1990Glasgow CentralSigned
John Garrett24/01/1990Norwich SouthSigned
Ron Davies24/01/1990CaerphillySigned
Keith Bradley24/01/1990Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Eddie Loyden24/01/1990Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Tony Lloyd24/01/1990StretfordSigned
David Lambie24/01/1990Cunninghame SouthSigned
Alex Carlile24/01/1990MontgomerySigned
Chris Mullin25/01/1990Sunderland SouthSigned
Gerry Steinberg25/01/1990Durham, City ofSigned
Tony Banks25/01/1990Newham North WestSigned
Maria Fyfe25/01/1990Glasgow, MaryhillSigned
Rhodri Morgan25/01/1990Cardiff WestSigned
Eric Illsley25/01/1990Barnsley CentralSigned
George Howarth25/01/1990Knowsley NorthSigned
Jimmy Hood25/01/1990ClydesdaleSigned
Allan Rogers25/01/1990RhonddaSigned
Max Madden29/01/1990Bradford WestSigned
Doug Hoyle29/01/1990Warrington NorthSigned
Menzies Campbell30/01/1990Fife North EastSigned
Martyn Jones31/01/1990Clwyd South WestSigned
Tommy Graham31/01/1990Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Eddie McGrady08/02/1990South DownSigned

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