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Lifting Of South African Voluntary Sanctions

EDM number 595 in 1989-90, proposed by Giles Shaw on 21/02/1990.

That this House, united in its wish to see a speedy end to the abhorrent system of apartheid, welcomes the advances towards democracy made by President De Klerk of South Africa, in particular, the release of Nelson Mandela; considers that such advances, although insufficient in themselves, merit encouragement and support; and therefore welcomes the decision taken by Her Majesty's Government, after consultation with its European partners, to relax the system of voluntary sanctions.

This motion has been signed by a total of 10 MPs.

Giles Shaw21/02/1990PudseyProposed
Dudley Smith21/02/1990Warwick & LeamingtonSigned
Fergus Montgomery21/02/1990Altrincham and SaleSigned
Peggy Fenner21/02/1990MedwaySigned
John Stradling Thomas21/02/1990MonmouthSigned
George Gardiner22/02/1990ReigateSigned
Jacques Arnold22/02/1990GraveshamSigned
William Powell26/02/1990CorbySigned
Ivan Lawrence26/02/1990BurtonSigned
Ann Winterton26/02/1990CongletonSigned

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