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Universal Character Of Child Benefit

EDM number 632 in 1989-90, proposed by Jimmy Wray on 01/03/1990.

That this House believes child benefit is one of the most important foundations of civilised and caring Britain; sees its universal, un-means tested and egalitarian characteristics as an expression of Britain's commitment, as a well organised society, to giving the best opportunities and start in life to all British children, without discrimination, especially if Britain also commits itself to their full, free and adequate education and training; deplores, consequently, the persistent erosion of child benefit value and the attacks on its un-means tested and universal character by Her Majesty's Government and supporters; is deeply worried by the hardship and anxiety which such attacks and freezing of this benefit cause to families, many of them single parent families, now falling within the low income bracket; rejects the alternative measures which Her Majesty's Government in theory offer to these families as inadequate and difficult to claim; and calls on the British people to reject any politician, dogmatic and blind enough to risk Britain's future, who supports attempts against child benefit's present universal, un-means tested and egalitarian nature.

This motion has been signed by a total of 35 MPs.

James Wray01/03/1990Glasgow ProvanProposed
John McAllion01/03/1990Dundee EastSigned
Alan Meale01/03/1990MansfieldSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie01/03/1990Glasgow, PollokSigned
Alice Mahon02/03/1990HalifaxSigned
Bill Michie02/03/1990Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Harry Barnes02/03/1990North East DerbyshireSigned
John McFall05/03/1990DumbartonSigned
John Battle05/03/1990Leeds WestSigned
Martin Redmond06/03/1990Don ValleySigned
Mike Watson06/03/1990Glasgow CentralSigned
Win Griffiths06/03/1990BridgendSigned
Ron Davies06/03/1990CaerphillySigned
Allan Rogers06/03/1990RhonddaSigned
Terry Patchett06/03/1990Barnsley EastSigned
David Lambie07/03/1990Cunninghame SouthSigned
John Cummings07/03/1990EasingtonSigned
Alex Carlile07/03/1990MontgomerySigned
Ronnie Campbell07/03/1990Blyth ValleySigned
Alun Michael07/03/1990Cardiff South & PenarthSigned
Robert Litherland07/03/1990Manchester CentralSigned
Terry Lewis07/03/1990WorsleySigned
Eric Illsley07/03/1990Barnsley CentralSigned
Andrew Smith07/03/1990Oxford EastSigned
Tom Cox08/03/1990TootingSigned
Robert Parry13/03/1990Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Andrew Faulds13/03/1990Warley EastSigned
Gerry Steinberg13/03/1990Durham, City ofSigned
Keith Bradley15/03/1990Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Jim Cousins19/03/1990Newcastle upon Tyne CentralSigned
Roland Boyes22/03/1990Houghton and WashingtonSigned
Gareth Wardell28/03/1990GowerSigned
Dawn Primarolo29/03/1990Bristol SouthSigned
Harry Cohen29/03/1990LeytonSigned
Dennis Turner29/03/1990Wolverhampton South EastSigned

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