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Retail Price Of Milk

EDM number 877 in 1989-90, proposed by Alex Carlile on 20/04/1990.

That this House deplores the extremely high milk prices charged to customers of fast-food restaurants; notes that, whereas the dairy farmer receives less than nine pence per pint at the farm gate, and the Milk Marketing Board takes a very modest profit when wholesaling the milk, the fast-food price is often more than ú1 per pint for cold milk served in a plastic beaker; regrets that profiteering on the price of milk probably has the effect of depressing demand for a healthy drink with much nutritional value; expresses concern at the adverse effect these facts have on the dairy industry; and calls upon the proprietors of fast-food chains to conduct a promotional campaign in which milk is offered to customers at not more than 60 pence per pint, a price which would comfortably cover costs and allow a reasonable mark-up.

This motion has been signed by a total of 10 MPs.

Alex Carlile20/04/1990MontgomeryProposed
Geraint Howells20/04/1990Ceredigion and Pembroke NorthSigned
Archy Kirkwood20/04/1990Roxburgh & BerwickshireSigned
Matthew Taylor20/04/1990TruroSigned
Jim Wallace20/04/1990Orkney & ShetlandSigned
Charles Kennedy24/04/1990Ross and Cromarty and SkyeSigned
Richard Livsey25/04/1990Brecon and RadnorSigned
Ray Michie25/04/1990Argyll & ButeSigned
Tommy Graham26/04/1990Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Ronnie Fearn09/05/1990SouthportSigned

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