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EDM number 295 in 1990-91, proposed by Richard Caborn on 15/01/1991.

That this House regrets the decision of the European Council in adopting the Declaration on South Africa on 15th December, especially since it represented a breach in the internationally agreed basis for a settlement in South Africa and was against the expressed wishes of the ANC, the South African partners of the European Community's Special Programme for the Victims of Apartheid, and the European Parliament; recognises the need for the maintenance of international pressure against South Africa until apartheid is completely abolished; re-affirms its opposition to any relaxation of sanctions until there is fundamental and irreversible change leading to a genuine end to apartheid; and therefore calls upon the Council of Ministers to re-affirm the European Community's full support for the United Nations Declaration on South Africa in order to achieve the goal of a united, non-racial and democratic South Africa.

This motion has been signed by a total of 69 MPs.

Richard Caborn15/01/1991Sheffield CentralProposed
Ian McCartney15/01/1991MakerfieldSigned
Peter Pike15/01/1991BurnleySigned
William McKelvey15/01/1991Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Alan Meale15/01/1991MansfieldSigned
Edward O'Hara15/01/1991Knowsley SouthSigned
Keith Bradley15/01/1991Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Jim Cousins15/01/1991Newcastle upon Tyne CentralSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie15/01/1991Glasgow, PollokSigned
John Evans15/01/1991St Helens NorthSigned
Harry Ewing15/01/1991Falkirk EastSigned
Norman Godman15/01/1991Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Donald Anderson15/01/1991Swansea EastSigned
Tony Banks15/01/1991Newham North WestSigned
John Battle15/01/1991Leeds WestSigned
David Blunkett15/01/1991Sheffield, BrightsideSigned
Gerry Steinberg15/01/1991Durham, City ofSigned
James Wray15/01/1991Glasgow ProvanSigned
Jim Marshall15/01/1991Leicester SouthSigned
Dawn Primarolo15/01/1991Bristol SouthSigned
Joyce Quin15/01/1991Gateshead EastSigned
Allan Rogers15/01/1991RhonddaSigned
Ernie Ross15/01/1991Dundee WestSigned
Clare Short15/01/1991Birmingham, LadywoodSigned
John Smith15/01/1991Vale of GlamorganSigned
Doug Henderson15/01/1991Newcastle upon Tyne NorthSigned
Jimmy Hood15/01/1991ClydesdaleSigned
George Howarth15/01/1991Knowsley NorthSigned
Robert Hughes15/01/1991Aberdeen NorthSigned
Eric Illsley15/01/1991Barnsley CentralSigned
Joan Lestor15/01/1991EcclesSigned
Robert Litherland15/01/1991Manchester CentralSigned
Tony Lloyd15/01/1991StretfordSigned
John McAllion15/01/1991Dundee EastSigned
Dennis Skinner16/01/1991BolsoverSigned
Mike Watson16/01/1991Glasgow CentralSigned
Dennis Turner16/01/1991Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Harry Barnes16/01/1991North East DerbyshireSigned
Win Griffiths16/01/1991BridgendSigned
Alexander Eadie16/01/1991MidlothianSigned
Terry Davis16/01/1991Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe16/01/1991LeighSigned
Harry Cohen16/01/1991LeytonSigned
David Clelland16/01/1991Tyne BridgeSigned
Paul Murphy16/01/1991TorfaenSigned
Bill Michie16/01/1991Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Alice Mahon16/01/1991HalifaxSigned
Roy Hughes16/01/1991Newport EastSigned
Chris Smith16/01/1991Islington South & FinsburySigned
Jeremy Corbyn16/01/1991Islington NorthSigned
Diane Abbott17/01/1991Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Hilary Armstrong17/01/1991North West DurhamSigned
Irene Adams17/01/1991Paisley NorthSigned
Andrew Faulds17/01/1991Warley EastSigned
Tom Cox17/01/1991TootingSigned
Alun Michael17/01/1991Cardiff South & PenarthSigned
Terry Lewis17/01/1991WorsleySigned
Doug Hoyle17/01/1991Warrington NorthSigned
Joan Ruddock21/01/1991Lewisham, DeptfordSigned
Alistair Darling22/01/1991Edinburgh CentralSigned
Michael Welsh22/01/1991Doncaster NorthSigned
Eddie Loyden23/01/1991Liverpool, GarstonSigned
John McFall23/01/1991DumbartonSigned
Tommy Graham23/01/1991Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Jack Thompson24/01/1991WansbeckSigned
John Cummings28/01/1991EasingtonSigned
Martyn Jones30/01/1991Clwyd South WestSigned
Ronald Brown07/02/1991Edinburgh LeithSigned
Ken Livingstone29/04/1991Brent EastSigned

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