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Poll Tax Non-Payment Campaign

EDM number 98 in 1990-91, proposed by Jim Sillars on 20/11/1990.

That this House congratulates the Scottish army of poll tax non-payers and those who supported them politically on the victory they scored over the Prime Minister when, by adopting opposition to the poll tax as the key point in his leadership campaign, the Right honourable Member for Henley delivered her a fatal political blow and thus created the conditions for its early removal from the statute book; notes that if the non-payers had accepted the advice of the Labour Party and paid, the poll tax would by now have been an accomplished fact instead of the uncollectable nightmare that faces Tory Members of Parliament in their marginal seats which, in turn, has led so many of them to vote for the removal of the Prime Minister; and further notes that the only party which still believes in collecting what in Scotland is known as Thatcher's poll tax are those Labour councils persecuting the poor with poindings and warrant sales.

This motion has been signed by a total of 5 MPs.

Jim Sillars20/11/1990Glasgow, GovanProposed
Alex Salmond20/11/1990Banff & BuchanSigned
Dick Douglas20/11/1990Dunfermline WestSigned
Margaret Ewing20/11/1990MoraySigned
Andrew Welsh20/11/1990Angus EastSigned

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